Part 3 – Script

part-3-ScriptDownload This is the only way to know how The Breakup Trilogy ends. We are moving on with new ideas and plans, and while it is still – at least mine, not sure about Cody’s – my favorite set of comics, I just can’t go back to it. The passion for it is gone. For […]


“Where the fuck is the rest of Breakup Trilogy?” “Are you guys not making comics anymore?” “Just gonna start a three parter and not finish it? WTF? You guys better be dead or there are no fucking excuses.” “Can we just get the last part of the Breakup Trilogy?” “Right when I get into your […]

Comic #9 – No Country For Young Men

WARNING: This comic contains some offensive scenes, even by Cody and David standards! Viewer discretion is advised.