Two idiots from Georgia. Best friends that when they first met never knew they would be in the situation they are in today. Cody has admitted to Davidlee that when he first met him, he hated him. “I hated you! I looked at you and was like, look at this douche-bag!”

Davidlee drunkenly smiled with Cody when he drunkenly confessed to him. Both of them sitting in Cody’s driveway, having just finished pissing in some bushes together. That first thought Cody had stuck with him for the two or three times he would encounter Davidlee. A few years went by. They didn’t see each other for a while. Until Jamie met Cody. Davidlee has been friends with Cody’s wife, Jamie, for way more than she would like to have known him  about sixteen-fucking-years. And then Cody and Davidlee truly met and the rest is history.

“My best friend married my best friend,” Davidlee says when telling people about Jamie and Cody. “My parents die tomorrow, they are the family I got left.”

Since the young age of five, Davidlee has wanted a cartoon show. He has loved animation his entire life, starting with sitting in his Papa’s (grandpa for you non-southern folks) lap watching “Tom and Jerry”, which is still his and his Papa’s favorite show to this day. Held back by being a relatively bashful person – though you would probably not say that meeting him today – it took him a while to finally buckle down and do it. Meeting Cody was the push he needed. Sharing the same kind of fucked up humor as him, he basically met his soulmate, regardless of what Jamie may say.

“Once I got to know Cody, and I mean really get to know him, which was not long into our relationship, I knew that if I ever did anything like this again, it would be with this guy. He can deliver lines that bring people to their knees, but if someone else were to say it, even with the same passion as Cody puts into it, it wouldn’t be funny. There are lines I wrote that if I delivered them, they would fall flat. I told Jamie, back when I started all of this, that Cody has the voice. Everyone I know that I consider a friend is basically a fucking cartoon character, myself included, and I mean that in a very good way. Making a show about me and Cody and the people in our lives was the most obvious choice.”

Spend a few nights hanging with the two and you can clearly see that everything they do in the show, save for a few things, they would do in real life.

The Pilot Episode of Cody and David will be released within the next months, with the rest of Season One close behind. If they make ten-people laugh, then they are content. If they make a thousand-people laugh, they will be ecstatic.

“It’s all about making people smile and forget about the bullshit of life and laugh.”