Rebellious Souls – Part 1

Okay. Our second comic and the last video game inspired one, at least for a while. We don’t want to become a Penny Arcade rip-off – and yes, we do love the shit out of their work.

This one is one that I just had to make. Persona 5 has been released to us all and it is one of the best games I have ever played. Ever. I have always been a fan of the series, but this one grabbed ahold of me and made me its bitch, and has yet to let me free from its grasps. No game in my adult life has forced me to sit down and play it until I can literally not play it any longer due to exhaustion. Fucking sleep.

I’ve always joked that if a scenario from the Persona games ever happened to me, i would probably get stuck with a very weird, lame, and disappointing Persona to have at my disposal.

This comic is based off of that thinking, but in the Cody and David universe, where things can get even weirder.

Unfortunately for all involved, I am a slow animator and drawer all around. I suck. I know. So instead of releasing this comic in its full glory in one go, I am, please don’t hate me, releasing it in two parts. This is part one, and I hope that you do enjoy.

Comic 2 Part 1_0000_Comic 2 part 1 - p1.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0001_Comic 2 part 1 - p2.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0002_Comic 2 part 1 - p3.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0003_Comic 2 part 1 - p4.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0004_Comic 2 part 1 - p5.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0005_Comic 2 part 1 - p6.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0006_Comic 2 part 1 - p7.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0007_Comic 2 part 1 - p8.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0008_Comic 2 part 1 - p9.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0009_Comic 2 part 1 - p10.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0010_Comic 2 part 1 - p11.jpg

I am drawing part two now. I am shooting to release it within a week or so.

Comic #2 Coming At Ya… Kinda

Okay. Comic #2 is taking longer than I thought it would. My apologies. I suck.

I am nearly done – as I write this – with the first half of it. Bit bigger and, due to the style of it, gonna take longer than I thought to get it drawn up and edited in the world of the computer land. To help cushion the release of it, as I have at least a week worth left on finishing the last half, we are going to release it in parts. Part one will be live here shortly, and, again, I apologize for the time it is taking. I suck.

Update and stuff

Okay, so that other comic finally got posted after what took Davidlee an eternity to create. Fucking asshole. Oh and the next one has been written and in the drawing process. Oh and we actually have animated – albeit with horrible test audio – footage of the pilot episode. Davidlee also went down to Georgia and got to go over the show with Cody. He also paid his last respects to Gregg Allman – he will be missed – while he was back home.

Oh and now the asshole is flying to Kentucky. Probably getting tipsy at the airport now. He looks for beer signs. Chances are if you see a beer logo hanging anywhere you can get some form of alcohol at said place, and god knows he needs some to take his edge off for the take off. Something about taking off in airplane causes his dick to fall off.

So I find myself looking at his desk, somehow a neat mess organized in a way that is only organized to him, and I see the progress. He has accomplished a lot. I also just got a text from him about his plane being a smaller one, like where you walk onto the runway and up the airplane’s stairs small. He seems excited. He is either flown in gigantic planes or a personal plane that held him and one other person. He said that all he needed was an open bottle of Jack Daniels and he would have felt like Keith Richards.

He’s an idiot.

I apologize, I got off track. I never turn down a moment to talk shit about our lovely Davidlee. I love him in a way that makes me want to smash his head open with a fucking hammer. I tell him this, which he replies with, “maybe, like, I don’t know, don’t do that? Is that love? I don’t think that is love. That can’t be love.”

It’s a different kind of love.

I already know that if I hit him with the question of releasing a short clip from the pilot on this here website, I will be greeted with a hardcore, “absolutely not.” He won’t do it. So I will, instead, try and get him to release an animated gif or some shit. Just so everyone can see it in action. So his hard work can – hopefully – be admired and appreciated.

There is a wasp flying around his ranch abode. It scares me. I don’t want to get stung. It would probably hurt. It’s probably his new pet, or some stupid shit.

There is an insane collection of pens on Davidlee’s desk, all crammed in mason jars. Well, except for two. One for writing checks and other things, the other is for his drawings. What are all of the other ones for? Fuck if I know. I sat here and tried to figure it out. He only uses two kinds of pens and when one dies he gets another one just like it – I imagine he has a stockade of them under his mattress.

He also this thing sitting on his desk…

FrogIt only disturbs me in the fact that is more endowed than I am.

Among his desk I have found concepts for future comics, which is neat as not even I know what is planned for them and I have already had the pleasure to read through the scripts for season one and two of the show – have I mentioned he plans ahead? They seem humorous. Some of them more personal to him, I can tell from the subject matter, as well as the whole “knowing him” thing as well. I think it is a good thing. Some ideas he needs to utilize and really just bleed out onto the pages. Get some shit off his chest, as well as add a new depth to his “character” in the animated universe of Cody and David. 

Some of the concepts come from subjects he rants about when we drink together. He will get on one, get real southern sounding, and just get it off his chest in a whirlwind of swearing, humor, and light-hearted-anger/irritation. Some of the subjects just being about something that confused him, or made him go, “what in the hell?”

Once I post this article I am only positive that my phone will ding at me, and it will be a message from him saying, “don’t fuck with my desk.” To which I will reply with, “don’t worry.”

But, Davidlee, I am totally gonna fuck with your desk.

Show progress: 45%, due to him and Cody deciding to completely redo the voice overs. We aren’t gonna make promises of a release window anymore. When it is ready, it is ready. Hopefully the comics will spark interest and keep people checking. With a two-man creative team, and a one-man animation team, things go a bit slow. I could help, but fuck that shit.

I also don’t know how to do any of that shit, and am much better at wasting my time by typing up shit like this in hopes of wasting all of your time.

The next comic, #2, is about to go into the final editing stages. You know, uploaded to the computer and stuff and made to look all pretty – or as pretty as a Cody and David comic can look.

Metal Gear Blues

Cody and I are huge nerds. Like, hardcore huge nerds on a galactic scale. I think our first source of masturbation material was Marvel Comics, and Tinker Bell – whom was my first crush way back when. I am only assuming Cody thought she was hot as well. It was only inevitable that a few comics we came up with would pertain to video games in some form or fashion, but we did not intend for the first two to be video game inspired – the second one being written now. This one here, as you can probably guess by the name, takes inspiration from our love of Metal Gear.  Mainly The Phantom Pain.

I remember a few nights visiting with Cody and Jamie where Cody and I would slip away so he could show me how far he had gotten in the game. Sometimes seek guidance on how to go about finishing a mission. I had already completed the game and was on my journey of collecting ‘S’ ranks and getting all of the cool shit, while also coping with the fact that I felt like I didn’t get the full intended experience the game was supposed to deliver. No matter how much I love it, it feels unfinished at the end and was sadly a horrible ending for the series – especially seeing where Konami is now taking the series.

While away on a business trip, I called Cody and simply said, “we need a comic idea.” He told me to give him a few hours and he would hit me up later. He called me back with an idea and we ran with it. The following is what it resulted in.

We hope you enjoy.

Comic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0000_Comic 1 - p1.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0001_Comic 1 - p2.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0002_Comic 1 - p3.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0003_Comic 1 - p4.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0004_Comic 1 - p5.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0005_Comic 1 - p6.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0006_Comic 1 - p7.jpgpage 8 finalComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0007_Comic 1 - p9.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0008_Comic 1 - p10.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0009_Comic 1 - p11.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0010_Comic 1 - p12.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0011_Comic 1 - p13.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0012_Comic 1 - p14.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0013_Comic 1 - p15.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0014_Comic 1 - p16.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0015_Comic 1 - p17.jpg


Comic is coming soon. We promise. 

I busted up into Davidlee’s ranch abode with a fury of a mother making sure her son isn’t playing Minecraft when he should be cleaning his room. Davidlee had, in fact, cleaned his room. He was also in the middle of finally working on the next upcoming comic we were supposed to release damn near a month ago. He also has another script for one written up, and it’s stupid. Stupid in a good Cody and David way.

I was proud of him. Happy with him. I was delighted. I went out and bought him a taco and on his couch we sat, watching stupid shit on YouTube as he drew the comic and randomly spoke about his love for Persona 5.

Proof that the comic is being made, and guarded by the one, and only, Bailey. Six pounds of fury. 

Davidlee’s weird ass has been busy with work. Really busy. He spent the majority of my visit with a pack of ice on his shoulder. His right arm never gets a rest. Constant knifework when he is at work. Constant drawing when he is at home. It’s the arm he uses to pick his coffee up. It’s probably also the arm he masturbates with, but I didn’t confirm it. I’m pretty sure it is, though.

He even showed me progress of the show. Animation is coming along nicely, but he isn’t happy with the current voice overs. “We are gonna be doing them over,” he said, massaging his right-shoulder. “They are good, but not as good as they should be.”

There is a constant tiredness behind his eyes these days, maybe because he always sleeps on his fucking couch, because, I mean, fuck the king size bed of awesome comfort. No one needs that shit. Take that shit outside and burn it. Burn it to the fucking ground and then turn its ashes into chocolate milk.

“I want a cactus,” he randomly told me.

I’m gonna buy that bitch a cactus.

We did go into detail on when he expects the episodes to start rolling out. He sighed. It was a heavy question, and one that he obviously dwells on a lot. The pilot episode should have already been released. Originally it was going to be dropped back in December, but shit went all kinda of wrong – mainly the death of his laptop.

“July. Maybe in August, but August at the latest. I have to go to Kentucky for business in June, so definitely not that month.” Back into the couch he leaned, sighing and rubbing his forehead. His eyes shut. “The estimated launch dates were to try and start a fire under my ass, but, no matter how much it burns, I can only work so fast. No more date estimates. Fuck those. I am tired of saying this and then it not happen. When it is ready, it is ready. They will get released.”

Juggling personal life, work, and this passion of his does often time cause Davidlee to wish he had more hours in a day. I can understand, and I sympathize with him – which is why in this post I am not being as brutal as I normally am.

IMG_0607.JPG Another peek at the upcoming comic.

I want to collect some of the random drawings Davidlee has scattered about, and maybe nudge him to color and do fancy stuff to them for promotional work. It is something I will have to attempt to accomplish some other day – or week – as he has plenty on his plate at the moment. So for now, I shall leave him and his doggies be. He has tomorrow off. It supposed to rain. All he has planned for tomorrow is to listen to the rain hit his tin-roof, pile up on the couch with the doggies, and relax.

I guess the asshole deserves it.

I’m gonna go buy him that damn cactus.

Thanks for reading and shit. I love you guys.

~Roscoe Duggan

Update: 5/10/17

It’s been a busy past two weeks, for all of us involved with the show. Unfortunately, all of that being busy stuff didn’t actually have anything to do with the show. I spent the majority of April out of state due to work. Cody has been a good boy, doing school work and stuff and treating Jamie like a queen. Upon my return home I found myself into a work-heavy return, got flooded in my house for an entire day, got sick, and all kinds of other bullshit. I am sure Roscoe Duggan will make a post talking all kinds of shit about me again.

I do have another reason for making a post today, other than just saying that Cody and I have been busy. I come bearing good news and bad news. I also brought tacos, but you all can not enjoy them over the interwebs, so i shall enjoy them for myself and all of you.

I like to go on and get the bad news out of the way. Due to personal life events, we are behind, once again, on releasing the pilot episode. I have a lot more editing to do that my business trips have caused me to get backed up on. I suck, I know. Forgive me. These tacos are amazing.

Good news. Cody and I do have another comic strip that is about to be released. We are excited, and hope that they keep bringing forth humor to people that read them. I am also back at home until the end of June, at which point I must go on another business trip. Plenty of time for me to put my head down and get finished up on this fucking pilot episode.

While I was away I read the post Roscoe Duggan made about me, which, if you missed it, can be read here. A good read, and one filled with a lot of truths. I have a bit of a dip addiction, which I am not proud of in any way, shape, or form. So I decided it was time to stop. And it has been one fuck of an endeavor. Some days I have to keep myself in check. I get so fucking cranky it is pathetic. I got mad at shoe this morning. It was looking at me all weird and shit and I threw that bitch out into the yard. I then ran out and grabbed it, cause I need it.

Kicking the can, I am. It hasn’t been easy, but now maybe I have less of a risk of developing a form of cancer. Or losing all of my teeth. Or something else unpleasant.

Gonna get back to staring at cartoon versions of Cody and myself, and schedule in some work for other content for this here website.


37 Cups of Coffee

It’s a cold and rainy day here at Davidlee’s ranch abode. Raindrops hammering on the tin roof causing the doggies to lie around in a lazy stupor all day, constantly fading from sleeping and staring around blankly. Davidlee is not around. He is gone for the week on a business trip, one that does not pertain to the show. Apparently, he thinks he needs this thing called money to survive and still works a job instead of focusing all of his time on this cartoon dream he and Cody have.

He’s an idiot.

There is a lack of chaos with him being gone. His desk is not covered in sheets of paper though his hotel room currently is. No aroma of dark coffee fills the room and the constant gurgling of it brewing is nowhere to be heard. Random containers of dip-spit a habit he is trying to break and failing miserably do not lurk around the corners of his desk, or kitchen counter, or coffee table, or shower, or the back of the toilet, or the anywhere-he-can-find-to-set-a-cup. All that is here is his lazy Aussies and me, though he doesn’t know I am here, but that’s okay. I hide in the attic when his friend comes over to hang out with the dogs.

With Davidlee gone it feels more like a home and less like an office, which I suppose in this state would feel nothing like home to him. If he had to suffer through it being like this for more than a day he would probably be bashing his head against the wall within the first hour.

As I sit here at his desk, with my feet propped up on it cause I know it would piss him off, I felt the urge to write about him. I felt the urge to write about that mother fucker and talk all about his eccentric ass. Watching him work on the show is like watching someone slowly slip into the dark depths of madness. Walking in on Davidlee choking himself with a belt while masturbating with a raw piece of chicken, would be less shocking than walking in on him in the midst of working on the show.

I would know, as I have walked in on him doing both.

It looks like a serial killer lives here or something, he once said to me, looking over his shoulder as he pointed at his wall. The wall was covered in concept art for the show and the original beat-board for the pilot episode which may as well be lost forever now, as they actually submitted it to a place that we will not name. He was also wearing a pair of old, black shorts, no shirt, and a suit jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Oh, and there was also a strip of floor moulding leaned up against the wall that had all the characters drawn on it as if they were falling he recently broke that over his knee.

Why are you dressed like that, I asked him, only for him to shrug and walk to the coffee pot and offer me a cup. I said no, but he poured me one anyway. Black, just like he drinks it. And he drinks some dark shit. It tastes like fucking diesel, or something really fucking bitter and strong. I don’t know what diesel taste like. And he drinks this shit all day. All. Day. I don’t just say that in a manner of he drinks a lot of coffee. I say that in a manner of this mother fucker drinks coffee ALL GOD DAMN DAY! The title of this article is an understatement.

When he writes the scripts, he drinks a beer usually an IPA and coffee. Alternating between sipping the two. He will also change clothes, two or three times, while writing the scripts. He will talk to himself. At random moments he will abruptly stand, walk away from the desk, stop and think for a minute, and then walk right back. The only thing he pays attention to while working is his dogs. If they change position on the couch or sneeze, or anything, he will notice. He will acknowledge them. He may get up and love on them for a minute, or speak to them in a voice of sweetness very few people ever hear come from him. All else goes unnoticed.

I could set myself on fire and proceed to destroy everything in his house, but as long as the dogs don’t do a damn thing, he wouldn’t pay me any attention.

And when he is working on the frames? Oh my god. Holy shit. That is another level altogether. One of his last stints the only breaks he took were to feed his dogs and take them outside. I visited on one of those three days. I walked in and he glanced up at me from his desk, I think he muttered a greeting to me and instantly went back to work on the onion-skinned frames before him. On his desk was his usual cup of coffee, a beer, and in his mouth was such an enormous amount of saliva-filled-with-cancer because he wouldn’t take the two seconds to spit in the large Styrofoam cup next to him. Said cup was already filled over the halfway mark with cancer-filled goodness.

I spoke with him the following day.

I woke up today with a bloated stomach. I realized that I hadn’t eaten in two days. Wanna get sushi?

I sighed and said yes.

Throughout dinner, he talked about the show, sprinkled with a little chitter-chatter about Persona 5. Yes, surprisingly, he does do other things besides work a normal job and work on a cartoon. Hell, when I spoke to him earlier he was sitting on his hotel balcony reading an Aresne Lupin book.

I like making people happy, he said to me once when I brought up how much he slaves over the show. Cody and I like making people laugh. If we put the show out there and it gets big, that’s great. If we put it out there and ten people like it, that’s great. If one person likes it, I’ll be happy. At least someone was given some joy from it.

I just think he is fucking insane. He has a bed that can comfortably fit four people, but he sleeps on his fucking couch.


P.S. Character pages and promo artwork will be getting released next week. This website is actually turning into a website of some sorts. All thanks to me.

-Roscoe Duggan

From the Archives – “Wingman” May 18, 2016

It was a dark, cold-or-warm, rainy night in Richmond, VA. Davidlee was at Lil Man’s house – a character from the show that is also a real person – and he was alone and bored. He sat down at the little table-like-thing in the kitchen and broke out his drawing pad and began scribbling. Five beers later, he ended up with a comic. A comic based on a drunken interaction between him and Cody. Cody really wanted to be the newly-single Davidlee’s wing man. In a strange twist of things, the comic is actually a more tame version as to what really went down.

That’s a story for another day, though.

But here it is, straight from the dark pits that is Davidlee’s portfolio, “Wing Man”. The first Cody and David comic strip to ever be made, and the first one being released to the public.

Comic 1_0000_Comic #1 - p1.jpgComic 1_0001_Comic #1 - p2.jpgComic 1_0002_Comic #1 - p3.jpgComic 1_0003_Comic #1 - p4.jpgComic 1_0004_Comic #1 - p5.jpgComic 1_0005_Comic #1 - p6.jpgComic 1_0006_Comic #1 - p7.jpg

Sadly, the archives have no more stupid comics for me to post here, but once Cody and Davidlee get to the final edits of the pilot episode we can chain them to a chair and force them to churn out some more, poorly drawn, ‘fuck’ filled, and wonderfully obscene comics.

NOTE: Davidlee has confirmed that it was not a sand paper dildo. Just a regular one.

-Roscoe Duggan

Drawing Like A Five-Year Old

It’s an art-form. And a shortcoming. Sometimes you just have to grab your shortcomings like a dick and own them. Shake them around until they become flaccid and become your bitch, and then you use them to your advantage. Or disadvantage.

However you want to look at it, it is the style of Cody and David. Simple. Detail only where it is needed, and a humorous visual to the eye. Putting the images to the page is a simple one, really, especially where promos are the concern, but the process of bringing it all alive is still a beast. Davidlee does it the old-school way of making his frames with pencil and paper, inking them and adding color in the wonderful world of Adobe. The transition to go fully digital is in the process of becoming the norm around here, though it is a slow transition. We love trees and we want to start making it so there isn’t an entire forest laying around the office. We are getting there. Hopefully by the middle of Season One the transition will be complete.

“I sound like a bitch saying it,” Davidlee will often say, “but the friction feels different on tablets and shit. It fucks with me. A lot.”

Even with a simple style of drawing like the one Davidlee utilizes, the change in friction is one that has been hard for him to overcome in the past. Nearly twelve-years ago, Davidlee found himself creating a pilot episode for the first time ever. At the age of eighteen, it was a frightening experience. He did submit the pilot – which he cringes every time he watches these days – to Adult Swim. Since this time he has overcome the fear, along with Cody’s help, of putting his creations out into the world. Drawing tablets have come a long way since then as well, and he is planning on making the switch and forcing his hand to become used to working on them.

“I’m just going to do it. Deal with it and do it. And not turn back.”

The switch will also save a lot of time in the animation process, especially being able to just create directly within Animate CC, and bypass the entire need to draw on paper and then upload it to the workstation on the iMac. Especially considering that ten-seconds of animation is over 100 separate frames.


One of many, many frames from the pilot episode.

“I don’t want the animation to look like we take shortcuts,” Davidlee says on many occasions. “I love tons of work that is out there, but I don’t want our show – as stupid as it is and looks – to look like we relied on a computer to do everything.” After putting many years into the culinary world, Davidlee has learned that often times when the easy way is taken, you get a less than stellar result. Especially with the simplest of things. The art style of the show is also a simplest of things.

“About five-hours of work usually nets about six to ten seconds of animation time,” Davidlee explains to his friend Welton – also a character and voice actor on the show. “I hand draw the frames, the backgrounds, the small shit like smoke from Bronson’s cigar. Upload it all and add some touch ups and color it. I hate the coloring process. It’s so fucking tedious.”

A labor of love the cartoon has become. “I remember when my laptop died, the one I was doing all the work on.” Davidlee looks out the window and stares at the horses grazing. A strange calmness about him as he remembers the day. “I just closed it and sat down on the floor. I almost said fuck it. The hard-drive was fucked. Couldn’t pull anything off of it and everything except for the scripts was gone. All I could think of was how I had to break out all of the backgrounds, all of the frames, and start over. The pilot was supposed to be released in December of 2016, and it was seventy-percent done.”

Davidlee waves his hand in the air and shakes his head.

“Then it was gone.”

Davidlee went a week without doing any work on the cartoon. Seeing the frames laying around would make him angry. People asking him about how it was coming along would feel like a knife to the heart. He was without a computer and was unable to even think about working on it. An iMac was ordered and soon he got his current work station set up.


Nothing fancy, but where he and his dogs spend most of their time at home.

“Once I got the Mac and I didn’t even start uploading anything. I was so bummed by the entire thing that I just didn’t want to fucking deal with it. The flame didn’t start burning again until I got the urge to sit down and pump out the scripts for Season Two.”

Cody and Davidlee have agreed that no matter what happens, they will make two seasons and a special. “Hopefully we will make more. I hope people like it,” Cody says of the agreement to Davidlee.

Now, after all the set-backs behind them, the pilot episode is nearing completion. Look for it late April or early May.

Cody and David S 1 promo

-Roscoe Duggan