Comic #7 F.B.C. 2018

Okay, so this was originally going to be the finale for Volume One of our comics, hence the title having 2018 in it. I feel it is close enough to 2018 to just leave that in the title.



Comic 7_0000_IMG_0116.jpgComic 7_0001_IMG_0117.jpgComic 7_0002_IMG_0118.jpgComic 7_0003_IMG_0119.jpgComic 7_0004_IMG_0120.jpgComic 7_0005_IMG_0121.jpgComic 7_0006_IMG_0122.jpgComic 7_0007_IMG_0123.jpgComic 7_0008_IMG_0124.jpgComic 7_0009_IMG_0125.jpgComic 7_0010_IMG_0126.jpgComic 7_0011_IMG_0127.jpgComic 7_0012_IMG_0128.jpgComic 7_0013_IMG_0129.jpgComic 7_0014_IMG_0130.jpg

From the Desk of Davidlee – 12/9/17

Well we just spent about an hour here at Cody and David Studios getting a platinum trophy in My Name Is Mayo. That was a strangely enjoyable waste of time, with the final click-count for that coveted 10,000 taps being an overly dramatic moment. Stupid and pointless? Absolutely. Fucking needed break? Damn straight it was.

As Roscoe said in the past post we are gearing up for a shut-down for the Holidays, so production has been cranked up to “we don’t need to sleep” levels. Last two comics for the year have been written, and the first one to be launched is half-way illustrated. Once it is completed and uploaded onto this here website then, with no pause in between, begin drawing up the 2017 Comic Finale. That one will be released on January 1st, 2018 at midnight. Pretty excited about it, as it is shaping up to be my favorite comic we have done so far. I also feel it is a good ending for the Volume One run of comics.

I am also ready for the holidays to go on and get here. We are all in need of a fucking recharge. It will be a short breather, but one we all need before the production schedule of 2018 begins. As usual we will continue on with the Cody and David Comics, as well as the animation schedule for the constantly delayed Cody and David cartoon, but we will also be adding a few more things into the schedule. First new addition is going to be a limited-series called The YouTuber, which is a dark comedy that will have viewers asking themselves, “should I laugh at that?”

We have also talked/flirted about/with the idea of doing another comic series, one that has nothing to do with the Cody and David one. But, I don’t think that one is going to be getting the green light just yet. Maybe once our team grows a bit more. Staying on top of animation, and the comics we have now is damn near killing me.

One more thing on The YouTuber. We are working on a section of the site just for that series. Look for it early January, unless Roscoe manages to get it all uploaded before the year’s end.

That’s about it. All I can think of for the moment. I will probably do another of these stupid fucking posts again before we all pack-up and leave.



Update: 12/07/17

I was gone and now I am back, and soon I will be gone again. We all will, actually, but for a short time. Cody and David Studios is going to be shutting down on the 24th of December for the Holidays, so we can all spend time with the family without having to worry about drawing silly little cartoons. Davidlee says he is actually gonna take a breather from it all, but we all know once he returns in 2018 that probably more than half of the scripts for the comics will be written.

The most recent comic we released – The Life and Times of Joe: Part One – is up and live, and is probably the strangest one we have released so far. Well, except for maybe this one. The last two comics that will be dropping this year have been written and are now entering the rough-drawing-phase, which I think looks cooler when written with the hyphens, and that will wrap up what we consider to be Volume One.

The tentative list of Volume Two comics. More coming soon.

It has been a slow start around here, but it has been a good one. 2017 was just the beginning, getting everything in place with a bajillion of set backs and delays, and overworking of Davidlee as he thrusted himself headfirst into being a one-man production machine. I talk a lot of shit about him on here, but he puts his work in. He writes, draws, animates, sits up at night having panic attacks about it all, and everything else you can think of, while also working a full-time job.

He’s a robot. Or an idiot. Or both.

Next year will also mark a change in the website. Nothing too drastic, but to a way that shows off more of the work Cody and David Studios is going to producing. Yes, it is named after the comic and the cartoon that is in the works, but it is also a platform for Cody and Davidlee to create more than just Cody and David and the first three-scripts for a mini-series has already been written, with filming planning to start late January. A press release will be done up on that sometime soon. And by sometime soon, I mean you can look for it later this month, or early next year. Depending on when Davidlee gets around to making it and feels the time is right to release it.

We all viewed 2017 as a big year for Cody and David Studios – a small one, yes, but still a milestone that took us longer than it should have to pass.

I’m sure I will make another post before we all leave for the holidays, but if I don’t, I just want to thank all of you for reading, and giving a damn about what we are doing. We will be returning in 2018, recharged, more obscene, and (hopefully) knocking it out of the park.

~Roscoe Duggan

P.S. – There isn’t going to be a Part Two to the Life and Times of Joe. Davidlee just thought it was a silly title and liked it for some fucking reason.

Comic #6 – The Life and Times of Joe – Part One

I have a friend. A friend that is very unique in many, many ways. I have been through a few scenarios with him that were almost like slipping into the Twilight Zone. I witnessed him nearly be arrested for touching a tree – in no inappropriate fashion. Once, at an Arby’s, his order was wrong. His chicken sandwich was grilled and he clearly wanted fried, so he threw it onto the ground of the Arby’s parking lot, climbed into my truck and pouted for about five-minutes before stepping back out and picking up the sandwich. He looked at me and our other friend and yelled, “I want it anyway,” and then took the bun to slather up some of the mayonnaise that had gotten on the ground.

Now, many years later, he generally calls me from his new place of living – Texas – to request some odd thing of me. “Buy me Farming Simulator 17!” Is one request that comes to mind, and that is indeed a real game series. I understand Harvest Moon and I absolutely love me some Stardew Valley, but that is one I just don’t get.

Most recently I received a message from him, through PSN, that I needed to buy him a desktop computer. When I asked why, he replied with, “because.”

I didn’t buy him that computer, nor do I plan to do so.

I did, however, get an idea for a two-part comic on Joe, especially seeing as how he is a prominent character that will be appearing in Season One. May as well get that debut out of the way.

Comic 6_0000_IMG_0092.jpgComic 6_0001_IMG_0093.jpgComic 6_0002_IMG_0094.jpgComic 6_0003_IMG_0095.jpgComic 6_0004_IMG_0096.jpgComic 6_0005_IMG_0097.jpgComic 6_0006_IMG_0098.jpgComic 6_0007_IMG_0099.jpgComic 6_0008_IMG_0100.jpgComic 6_0009_IMG_0101.jpgComic 6_0010_IMG_0102.jpgComic 6_0011_IMG_0103.jpgComic 6_0012_IMG_0104.jpg


Joe will return in Comic #7 The Life and Times of Joe: Part Two

From the Desk of Davidlee

We are still alive and kicking. Promise.

Been a busy past couple of weeks since the Halloween comic went live. Roscoe Duggan – our lovely and annoying site manager person – had to go out of state due to family reasons, but should be making his return here shortly.

I am currently drawing up the next comic, but it has been a slow process due to work. This is a busy time of year for me, what with my whole food service job. Just gotta make sure about 500 Thanksgiving dinners are cooked up for 500 families to enjoy on this upcoming Thursday.

Pretty much how I feel this time of year.

Because of this extra workload, I have put the next comic on the back burner for my free-time, and the final edits on the cartoon up to the front. I can knock out a comic a lot quicker than I can catch up on missed time animating. That being said, it probably won’t be until after Thanksgiving that the Comic #6 goes live, and we will push out two more comics before the year’s end, and will probably take January off from comics, as the Pilot is set to launch in January and a majority of focus will be shifted to finalizing the rest of Season One.

Sorry for what seemed like we dropped off of the face of the Earth.

Things will be resuming as normal here soon.


Comic #5 – Halloween


This comic was a BITCH. It is the longest comic we have currently pushed out, and, in all honesty, we didn’t really give ourselves the time needed to work on it without freaking out and having a few late nights. Shit happens. It’s finished now, in a rough state, and our growlers of Rumking are sadly empty. It was going to be fully colored, but with everything else going on, and underestimating the beast of a labour endeavor the comic would turn out to be, the full vision did not happen.

It saddens me. 

Comic 5_0000_IMG_1337.jpgComic 5_0001_IMG_1338.jpgComic 5_0002_IMG_1339.jpgComic 5_0003_IMG_1340.jpgComic 5_0004_IMG_1341.jpgComic 5_0005_IMG_1342.jpgComic 5_0006_IMG_1343.jpgComic 5_0007_IMG_1344.jpgComic 5_0008_IMG_1345Comic 5_0009_IMG_1346Comic 5_0010_IMG_137Comic 5_0011_IMG_1350.jpgComic 5_0012_IMG_1351.jpgComic 5_0013_IMG_1352.jpgComic 5_0014_IMG_1353.jpgComic 5_0015_IMG_1361.jpgComic 5_0016_IMG_1361 copy 3Comic 5_0017_IMG_1361 copy 2Comic 5_0018_IMG_1361 copyComic 5_0019_IMG_1361Comic 5_0020_IMG_1361 copy 4Comic 5_0021_IMG_1364.jpg copyComic 5_0022_IMG_1365.jpgComic 5_0023_IMG_1366.jpgComic 5_0024_IMG_1367.jpgComic 5_0025_IMG_1368.jpgComic 5_0026_IMG_1373.jpgComic 5_0027_IMG_1374.jpgComic 5_0028_IMG_1375.jpgComic 5_0029_IMG_1376.jpgComic 5_0030_IMG_1379Comic 5_0031_IMG_1380.jpgComic 5_0032_IMG_1381.jpgComic 5_0033_IMG_1382.jpgComic 5_0034_IMG_1383.jpgComic 5_0035_IMG_1384.jpgComic 5_0036_IMG_1385.jpgComic 5_0037_IMG_1386.jpgComic 5_0038_IMG_1387.jpgComic 5_0039_IMG_1388.jpgComic 5_0040_IMG_1389.jpgComic 5_0041_IMG_1390.jpgComic 5_0042_IMG_1391.jpgComic 5_0043_IMG_1392.jpgComic 5_0044_IMG_1393.jpgComic 5_0045_IMG_1394.jpgComic 5_0046_IMG_1395.jpg





Behind the Character: Welton


This one feels appropriate to do. The time is right. I mean, this character did just have his debut in the last comic. A debut that was rather abrupt and obscene. I think obscene is a good word for it.

“The character Welton is probably the only character that is a carbon copy of their real-life influence,” Davidlee told me while I was writing up the first draft of this. I have never met Welton, but I have heard many, many stories about him and have seen many, many revealing pictures of him. One day, Davidlee calmly passed me his phone and told me to look at something. That something was a picture that Welton sent of his dick on a dinner plate.

Apparently that is a normal “hello” from the legend that is Welton.

It was also apparently for Davidlee to get home – back before he moved to Virginia, at least – and hear someone singing a Katy Perry song over a running shower, while his dogs sat on the couch looking at him with confused expressions.

He would walk into his bathroom to find this:


“He always got in. You had to have a fucking remote to unlock the front doors to the building and I always kept my apartment door locked. He always found a way in.”

Welton is like the wind. He comes and goes as he pleases, often appearing at random times and from thin-air. “Cody and I would be hanging out downtown and Welton would literally step out some bushes.” There would be periods of time where Davidlee would see nothing of Welton. He would call him and get no answer. Places he would often work security at would have no idea where he was, and they had heard nothing from him either. It was as if he disappeared from the face of the Earth, and then, bam, outta nowhere he would bust up out of nowhere. “I’d ask him where the hell he had been and he would act like I was verbally attacking him. It is like he is a high-ranking government official or some shit, getting sent off to do some kind of secret mission bullshit.”

“Homie, what the fuck is this,” was a question Welton hit Davidlee with prior to the release of Homewrecker. “What the fuck is this, dude? I don’t fucking smoke, homie, why you got me smoking?”

You see, Welton was supposed to be seen smoking post-coitus in the final version of the comic, and, well, that was just going too far. You don’t make Welton smoke, not even in cartoon form. Other than that one little thing, though, it is pretty much free game and more than likely something Welton would do or say.

“About 80% of Welton’s lines in the scripts for Season One is a bunch of shit he would, or has said.”

Welton Smells Adventure
Unused Season One Promo Art featuring Welton

Welton’s catchphrase may as well be, “fucking awesome,” and everything is an adventure to him. Most of his conversations with Davidlee involves him bitching about the lack of ‘adventures’ they have currently had. Even the one time that Welton neglected to put gasoline in his car and he and Davidlee ended up having to walk to a gas station because they ran out of gas on I-75 at three-in-the-fucking-morning. If you say that the sky is blue, he will most likely respond with, “you don’t know that.” He also randomly gets naked, and loves to shit with the door open, no matter where he is.

A Man
Man at his finest….

Saying Welton is an inspiration for a character is an understatement.

“I would have never came up with a character like that. He’s so unique and bizarre.”

Davidlee also got permission from Welton to do this article about a week ago, and has not heard from him since. He has gone missing again. Or has locked himself away in a secluded location playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Apparently he has a grudge against Davidlee with that game and swears to fully surpass him in it one day.

Keep and eye out for Welton in future comic releases. Welton also appears in Season One of Cody and David. 

~Roscoe Duggan

From the Desk of Davidlee

Greetings and salutations. It is I, your captain of this vessel we call a “website” and I have just returned from an expedition. A grand expedition that nearly cost me my life as this beast – seen below after being calmed – tried to maul me to death upon my entry into the domain of the one we call, Davidlee.


I was just doing a routine check on the bastard, about ready to post an update on this here site – a character profile on the real life inspiration for the character of Welton, whom made his debut in the last comic. While over for my visit I saw something upon Davidlee’s desk. Something out of place amongst all of the frames and background images for Season One. That item was a comic. There is currently no comic in production – save for a nearly completed script – due to the fact that the next one isn’t schedule to go live until Halloween.

I grabbed it and asked him about it and he he informed me. It was going to be a “Bonus Comic” of sorts that he actually drew up late last night. A more of a fancy rant than anything. For those that don’t know, McDonald’s brought back the Szechuan sauce yesterday, and yesterday only, which Davidlee feels was a way to do nothing more than “exploit Rick and Morty fans into spending money at McDonald’s.”

I agree. It was not, in anyway what so ever, connected to Rick and Morty, but McDonald’s sure as shit tried their best to stir-up those vibes with the artwork featured on the sauce packets. Cashing in on a one-off joke – albeit one that Davidlee loved – seen in the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 3.

“They did the same fucking thing Nintendo did with the NES and SNES Classics. Made them out to be a rare and limited thing for the true fans, and they are nothing that should be rare and limited, and the true fans are the ones getting fucked. McDonald’s could have produced enough of that fucking sauce for the rest of the year, and then every Rick and Morty fan could have experienced the sauce.”

And just like he said about true fans getting fucked, that turned out to be true. Szechuan sauce is already selling on Ebay, and, like with the NES and SNES Classics, McDonald’s dropped the ball on the whole supply thing.

Oh and Davidlee isn’t butt-hurt because he waited in line for hours yesterday to only not get any Szechuan Sauce, though he was amazed to see the McDonald’s looking like an Apple Store during an iPhone launch when he drove by yesterday. He’s just tired of this sudden oh-this-is-super-rare-and-limited bullshit that is happening with things that, well, shouldn’t be super-rare-and-limited. Especially not a fucking fast food dipping sauce.

“I used to eat the shit back in the day when I was like nine. It isn’t worth all of that shit. It isn’t worth standing in line for hours. Driving for hours to get to a McDonald’s that was supposed to have it. And it sure as shit isn’t worth spending a fucking grand for it on Ebay. McDonald’s exploited the fans of Rick and Morty. All of that energy could have been put forth by going to buy shit actually tied to Rick and Morty, and actually supporting Rick and Morty. Instead of doing that, everyone just had their time wasted by a fast-food chain over some stupid fucking sauce.

This “Bonus Comic” wasn’t planned to see the light of day, hell, it isn’t even finished. I did convince Davidlee to let me go on and throw it on the site, though. Because, why the hell not? This will be in the top-spot here for a few hours, then the character spotlight on Welton shall dethrone it.


Until next time!

~Roscoe Duggan

Comic #4 – Homewrecker

Nudity and stuff in this one. Not really a surprise, though. This one is kind of based on a true story.

Gonna be a decent sized gap in between this comic and the next, for a few reasons. One being that I need to put more focus into animation work for season one. Another reason being that the next comic is also going to be a rather long one – by our standards, at least – it also will be our Halloween special. Bet you can’t guess what day we will be releasing it on.

I’ll be leaving a lot of posting until then to Roscoe Duggan, to hopefully keep things entertaining up in this shit. As well as keep updates rolling in, which is something we are going to become more strict about posting, which also helps that we are at a point now where my “website guy” – Roscoe’s official title – can focus on the website.

I have rambled enough.




Comic #3 – “Labels”

The cast of Cody and David is mostly comprised of cartoon versions of people Cody and I know. Season one’s cast of main characters are all based off of our actual in-life friends, because, well, the people Cody and I know are all strange and lovely in their own ways, and, much like Cody and myself, fit just as much in the “Cody and David” Universe as they do in reality and mine and Cody’s lives. Plus, they were gonna provide voice overs for us anyway, so why not just put them in the show? 

This also means that not everyone we know will be able to receive this same treatment – at least not for a while. On the show side of things, that is. When the comics are brought into the picture, that ultimately changes everything.

The idea for this comic struck me one day while conversing with my friend Jared, and I immediately sought his approval to this comic. He said yes. Jared and I have quite an interesting history, one that only spans that of a year, but still an interesting one at that. The best way to describe our interactions is with the word “random”. All the way from us passing each other and merely changing song lyrics to feature each others names – “come a little closer, Davidlee,” he often serenades me with – to straight up getting drunk and lost in D.C.. Stumbling in to the China Town of D.C. at three in the morning after a few drinks is fucking shocking.

So the only way I felt I could do this comic was to just let it happen. No script. As I drew, the story was created, for better or worse, and the outcome is a strange, random story that perfectly embodies an encounter between Jared and myself.

I now present to you all, “Labels”. A strange entry into the Cody and David comic collection, and a rather fun experiment that I will not be doing again. Having a script written out first is much, much better for my mental wellbeing.

Comic 3_0000_Comic 3 - p1.jpgComic 3_0001_Comic 3 - p2.jpgComic 3_0002_Comic 3 - p3.jpgComic 3_0003_Comic 3 - p4.jpgComic 3_0004_Comic 3 - p5.jpgComic 3_0005_Comic 3 - p6.jpgComic 3_0006_Comic 3 - p7.jpgComic 3_0007_Comic 3 - p8.jpgComic 3_0008_Comic 3 - p9.jpgComic 3_0009_Comic 3 - p10.jpgComic 3_0010_Comic 3 - p11.jpgComic 3_0011_Comic 3 - p12.jpgComic 3_0012_Comic 3 - p13.jpg