Behind the Character: Welton


This one feels appropriate to do. The time is right. I mean, this character did just have his debut in the last comic. A debut that was rather abrupt and obscene. I think obscene is a good word for it.

“The character Welton is probably the only character that is a carbon copy of their real-life influence,” Davidlee told me while I was writing up the first draft of this. I have never met Welton, but I have heard many, many stories about him and have seen many, many revealing pictures of him. One day, Davidlee calmly passed me his phone and told me to look at something. That something was a picture that Welton sent of his dick on a dinner plate.

Apparently that is a normal “hello” from the legend that is Welton.

It was also apparently for Davidlee to get home – back before he moved to Virginia, at least – and hear someone singing a Katy Perry song over a running shower, while his dogs sat on the couch looking at him with confused expressions.

He would walk into his bathroom to find this:


“He always got in. You had to have a fucking remote to unlock the front doors to the building and I always kept my apartment door locked. He always found a way in.”

Welton is like the wind. He comes and goes as he pleases, often appearing at random times and from thin-air. “Cody and I would be hanging out downtown and Welton would literally step out some bushes.” There would be periods of time where Davidlee would see nothing of Welton. He would call him and get no answer. Places he would often work security at would have no idea where he was, and they had heard nothing from him either. It was as if he disappeared from the face of the Earth, and then, bam, outta nowhere he would bust up out of nowhere. “I’d ask him where the hell he had been and he would act like I was verbally attacking him. It is like he is a high-ranking government official or some shit, getting sent off to do some kind of secret mission bullshit.”

“Homie, what the fuck is this,” was a question Welton hit Davidlee with prior to the release of Homewrecker. “What the fuck is this, dude? I don’t fucking smoke, homie, why you got me smoking?”

You see, Welton was supposed to be seen smoking post-coitus in the final version of the comic, and, well, that was just going too far. You don’t make Welton smoke, not even in cartoon form. Other than that one little thing, though, it is pretty much free game and more than likely something Welton would do or say.

“About 80% of Welton’s lines in the scripts for Season One is a bunch of shit he would, or has said.”

Welton Smells Adventure
Unused Season One Promo Art featuring Welton

Welton’s catchphrase may as well be, “fucking awesome,” and everything is an adventure to him. Most of his conversations with Davidlee involves him bitching about the lack of ‘adventures’ they have currently had. Even the one time that Welton neglected to put gasoline in his car and he and Davidlee ended up having to walk to a gas station because they ran out of gas on I-75 at three-in-the-fucking-morning. If you say that the sky is blue, he will most likely respond with, “you don’t know that.” He also randomly gets naked, and loves to shit with the door open, no matter where he is.

A Man
Man at his finest….

Saying Welton is an inspiration for a character is an understatement.

“I would have never came up with a character like that. He’s so unique and bizarre.”

Davidlee also got permission from Welton to do this article about a week ago, and has not heard from him since. He has gone missing again. Or has locked himself away in a secluded location playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Apparently he has a grudge against Davidlee with that game and swears to fully surpass him in it one day.

Keep and eye out for Welton in future comic releases. Welton also appears in Season One of Cody and David. 

~Roscoe Duggan

From the Desk of Davidlee

Greetings and salutations. It is I, your captain of this vessel we call a “website” and I have just returned from an expedition. A grand expedition that nearly cost me my life as this beast – seen below after being calmed – tried to maul me to death upon my entry into the domain of the one we call, Davidlee.


I was just doing a routine check on the bastard, about ready to post an update on this here site – a character profile on the real life inspiration for the character of Welton, whom made his debut in the last comic. While over for my visit I saw something upon Davidlee’s desk. Something out of place amongst all of the frames and background images for Season One. That item was a comic. There is currently no comic in production – save for a nearly completed script – due to the fact that the next one isn’t schedule to go live until Halloween.

I grabbed it and asked him about it and he he informed me. It was going to be a “Bonus Comic” of sorts that he actually drew up late last night. A more of a fancy rant than anything. For those that don’t know, McDonald’s brought back the Szechuan sauce yesterday, and yesterday only, which Davidlee feels was a way to do nothing more than “exploit Rick and Morty fans into spending money at McDonald’s.”

I agree. It was not, in anyway what so ever, connected to Rick and Morty, but McDonald’s sure as shit tried their best to stir-up those vibes with the artwork featured on the sauce packets. Cashing in on a one-off joke – albeit one that Davidlee loved – seen in the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 3.

“They did the same fucking thing Nintendo did with the NES and SNES Classics. Made them out to be a rare and limited thing for the true fans, and they are nothing that should be rare and limited, and the true fans are the ones getting fucked. McDonald’s could have produced enough of that fucking sauce for the rest of the year, and then every Rick and Morty fan could have experienced the sauce.”

And just like he said about true fans getting fucked, that turned out to be true. Szechuan sauce is already selling on Ebay, and, like with the NES and SNES Classics, McDonald’s dropped the ball on the whole supply thing.

Oh and Davidlee isn’t butt-hurt because he waited in line for hours yesterday to only not get any Szechuan Sauce, though he was amazed to see the McDonald’s looking like an Apple Store during an iPhone launch when he drove by yesterday. He’s just tired of this sudden oh-this-is-super-rare-and-limited bullshit that is happening with things that, well, shouldn’t be super-rare-and-limited. Especially not a fucking fast food dipping sauce.

“I used to eat the shit back in the day when I was like nine. It isn’t worth all of that shit. It isn’t worth standing in line for hours. Driving for hours to get to a McDonald’s that was supposed to have it. And it sure as shit isn’t worth spending a fucking grand for it on Ebay. McDonald’s exploited the fans of Rick and Morty. All of that energy could have been put forth by going to buy shit actually tied to Rick and Morty, and actually supporting Rick and Morty. Instead of doing that, everyone just had their time wasted by a fast-food chain over some stupid fucking sauce.

This “Bonus Comic” wasn’t planned to see the light of day, hell, it isn’t even finished. I did convince Davidlee to let me go on and throw it on the site, though. Because, why the hell not? This will be in the top-spot here for a few hours, then the character spotlight on Welton shall dethrone it.


Until next time!

~Roscoe Duggan

Comic #4 – Homewrecker

Nudity and stuff in this one. Not really a surprise, though. This one is kind of based on a true story.

Gonna be a decent sized gap in between this comic and the next, for a few reasons. One being that I need to put more focus into animation work for season one. Another reason being that the next comic is also going to be a rather long one – by our standards, at least – it also will be our Halloween special. Bet you can’t guess what day we will be releasing it on.

I’ll be leaving a lot of posting until then to Roscoe Duggan, to hopefully keep things entertaining up in this shit. As well as keep updates rolling in, which is something we are going to become more strict about posting, which also helps that we are at a point now where my “website guy” – Roscoe’s official title – can focus on the website.

I have rambled enough.




Comic #3 – “Labels”

The cast of Cody and David is mostly comprised of cartoon versions of people Cody and I know. Season one’s cast of main characters are all based off of our actual in-life friends, because, well, the people Cody and I know are all strange and lovely in their own ways, and, much like Cody and myself, fit just as much in the “Cody and David” Universe as they do in reality and mine and Cody’s lives. Plus, they were gonna provide voice overs for us anyway, so why not just put them in the show? 

This also means that not everyone we know will be able to receive this same treatment – at least not for a while. On the show side of things, that is. When the comics are brought into the picture, that ultimately changes everything.

The idea for this comic struck me one day while conversing with my friend Jared, and I immediately sought his approval to this comic. He said yes. Jared and I have quite an interesting history, one that only spans that of a year, but still an interesting one at that. The best way to describe our interactions is with the word “random”. All the way from us passing each other and merely changing song lyrics to feature each others names – “come a little closer, Davidlee,” he often serenades me with – to straight up getting drunk and lost in D.C.. Stumbling in to the China Town of D.C. at three in the morning after a few drinks is fucking shocking.

So the only way I felt I could do this comic was to just let it happen. No script. As I drew, the story was created, for better or worse, and the outcome is a strange, random story that perfectly embodies an encounter between Jared and myself.

I now present to you all, “Labels”. A strange entry into the Cody and David comic collection, and a rather fun experiment that I will not be doing again. Having a script written out first is much, much better for my mental wellbeing.

Comic 3_0000_Comic 3 - p1.jpgComic 3_0001_Comic 3 - p2.jpgComic 3_0002_Comic 3 - p3.jpgComic 3_0003_Comic 3 - p4.jpgComic 3_0004_Comic 3 - p5.jpgComic 3_0005_Comic 3 - p6.jpgComic 3_0006_Comic 3 - p7.jpgComic 3_0007_Comic 3 - p8.jpgComic 3_0008_Comic 3 - p9.jpgComic 3_0009_Comic 3 - p10.jpgComic 3_0010_Comic 3 - p11.jpgComic 3_0011_Comic 3 - p12.jpgComic 3_0012_Comic 3 - p13.jpg

New Comic Coming Soon!

What up, cool kids?

That’s cool.

Just got an email, one of them there electronic messages, from Davidlee informing me that the next comic, titled “Labels”, is currently being scanned and should be live by the end of tomorrow. That same electronic message also informed me that the script for the one that will be following this next one, has already been written.

I guess that is cool.

Davidlee also got accepted into the closed beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ, which he is about to wreck his thumbs with. Fucking nerd. Thankfully it is only going to be up and running for a rather short time, otherwise no work would be getting done, especially since we are so close to having the pilot episode being done and finished with. I say “we” like I actually work on all of that stuff, which I don’t. I just write shit on this here website and feel good about myself.

Davidlee also instructed me that he has been fighting insomnia, something that sounds cooler than it actually is. He does this from time to time and I just tell him to stop being a dumb bitch and he eventually listens to me and stops being a dumb bitch. He did draw a little Tex Avery inspired doodle the other night at, oh, I don’t know, three or four in the fucking morning. He doesn’t know I jacked a copy of the colored digital of it. Still not complete, but I wanted to share it. Why? Fuck him, that’s why.Big booty short hair

He wants to draw up another Red for the picture. “Once I started drawing her in the picture, I was way past hating myself and on the verge of tears for some sleep. I should have saved drawing her for a later time.”

He’s been drawing a lot of Tex Avery style doodles as of late. I think he has a brain tumor.

Oh, he has also been confessing his love for a game called CupheadA game he has yet to even play, which is killing him, and is impatiently awaiting its release within like a week.

Fucking nerd.

~Roscoe Duggan

I’m Back

I was gone. Now I am back. I had some soul searching to do, I guess you could say. Or, in lamer terms, I was on vacation. Now I am no longer on vacation, and am now back to deal with the eccentricities of the one known as Davidlee in full force again.


He is in full swing as of now, though. No more traveling about with work and his schedule has somewhat normalized, that energy to sit at a desk and draw fucked up cartoons all day has kicked back in.

Upon my return I swung by to check on him, make sure the “No Dip” things was still going strong and as I approached the door to his studio, I heard Tom Waits blasting. I smiled. That’s a good thing. A real good thing. I opened the door and was greeted by his two dogs and looked to my left – where his desk is located – and my eyes met his. Looking up from his work, the very picture I posted above, he looked at me, no smile, and said, “about fucking time.” And, as if I wasn’t even there, lowered his head and continued to draw.

As I am grabbing a beer, he asks of me, “you got some time?”

I nodded. I hadn’t dealt with him in some time and strongly felt that I needed something to write about, as I have not posted on the site in a period of time I do not wish to discover. He pulled up some videos: a rough cut of the pilot episode, and an hour-long video of him practicing his lines for all of the season one episodes. 

I watched the rough-cut, of course, because we have all been waiting for it around here, and by ‘all’ I mean Davidlee, Cody, and myself. The voice-over test I took home with me. That was for another time, like maybe while I sipped on my coffee in the morning. But, I soon found, that what had to have been during the time of my walking from the studio to my car, I received an email from Davidlee. It was the other hour-long voice over test reel that he wanted me to watch and forgot to mention. The original cut. All it said was, “watch first.”

Cody-NakeyA gif from the pilot’s rough cut.

So, that next morning, over a cup of coffee and some lovely, lovely cereal, I watched the videos. The first one, not bad, but forced feeling. All because of one major problem in which Davidlee acknowledges in it multiple times as he bitches and talks to himself. That problem is that he is trying to play himself, not an animated caricature of himself.

The second video started. I looked at a defeated, borderline drunk, probably wishing his mouth was full of dip, Davidlee. He spoke to the camera for a few minutes, as if it were a vlog or some shit, and then he began. Somewhere in between the two videos Davidlee focused all the anger and hatred towards his voice from the first run into something, and the character of David was born. Right before my eyes. He started the lines and it was like watching someone become another person.

I sent some emails and shit and then prepared myself to write this post. I called Davidlee, the second voice over reel still on my mind. He answered and I said to him, “about fucking time,” and not even caring as to what I was talking about,  he asks, “you ever watch Mike Tyson Mysteries? That shit is stupid. I like it.”

It’s good to be back.

~Roscoe Duggan

Rebellious Souls – Part 1

Okay. Our second comic and the last video game inspired one, at least for a while. We don’t want to become a Penny Arcade rip-off – and yes, we do love the shit out of their work.

This one is one that I just had to make. Persona 5 has been released to us all and it is one of the best games I have ever played. Ever. I have always been a fan of the series, but this one grabbed ahold of me and made me its bitch, and has yet to let me free from its grasps. No game in my adult life has forced me to sit down and play it until I can literally not play it any longer due to exhaustion. Fucking sleep.

I’ve always joked that if a scenario from the Persona games ever happened to me, i would probably get stuck with a very weird, lame, and disappointing Persona to have at my disposal.

This comic is based off of that thinking, but in the Cody and David universe, where things can get even weirder.

Unfortunately for all involved, I am a slow animator and drawer all around. I suck. I know. So instead of releasing this comic in its full glory in one go, I am, please don’t hate me, releasing it in two parts. This is part one, and I hope that you do enjoy.

Comic 2 Part 1_0000_Comic 2 part 1 - p1.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0001_Comic 2 part 1 - p2.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0002_Comic 2 part 1 - p3.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0003_Comic 2 part 1 - p4.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0004_Comic 2 part 1 - p5.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0005_Comic 2 part 1 - p6.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0006_Comic 2 part 1 - p7.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0007_Comic 2 part 1 - p8.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0008_Comic 2 part 1 - p9.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0009_Comic 2 part 1 - p10.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0010_Comic 2 part 1 - p11.jpg

I am drawing part two now. I am shooting to release it within a week or so.

Comic #2 Coming At Ya… Kinda

Okay. Comic #2 is taking longer than I thought it would. My apologies. I suck.

I am nearly done – as I write this – with the first half of it. Bit bigger and, due to the style of it, gonna take longer than I thought to get it drawn up and edited in the world of the computer land. To help cushion the release of it, as I have at least a week worth left on finishing the last half, we are going to release it in parts. Part one will be live here shortly, and, again, I apologize for the time it is taking. I suck.

Update and stuff

Okay, so that other comic finally got posted after what took Davidlee an eternity to create. Fucking asshole. Oh and the next one has been written and in the drawing process. Oh and we actually have animated – albeit with horrible test audio – footage of the pilot episode. Davidlee also went down to Georgia and got to go over the show with Cody. He also paid his last respects to Gregg Allman – he will be missed – while he was back home.

Oh and now the asshole is flying to Kentucky. Probably getting tipsy at the airport now. He looks for beer signs. Chances are if you see a beer logo hanging anywhere you can get some form of alcohol at said place, and god knows he needs some to take his edge off for the take off. Something about taking off in airplane causes his dick to fall off.

So I find myself looking at his desk, somehow a neat mess organized in a way that is only organized to him, and I see the progress. He has accomplished a lot. I also just got a text from him about his plane being a smaller one, like where you walk onto the runway and up the airplane’s stairs small. He seems excited. He is either flown in gigantic planes or a personal plane that held him and one other person. He said that all he needed was an open bottle of Jack Daniels and he would have felt like Keith Richards.

He’s an idiot.

I apologize, I got off track. I never turn down a moment to talk shit about our lovely Davidlee. I love him in a way that makes me want to smash his head open with a fucking hammer. I tell him this, which he replies with, “maybe, like, I don’t know, don’t do that? Is that love? I don’t think that is love. That can’t be love.”

It’s a different kind of love.

I already know that if I hit him with the question of releasing a short clip from the pilot on this here website, I will be greeted with a hardcore, “absolutely not.” He won’t do it. So I will, instead, try and get him to release an animated gif or some shit. Just so everyone can see it in action. So his hard work can – hopefully – be admired and appreciated.

There is a wasp flying around his ranch abode. It scares me. I don’t want to get stung. It would probably hurt. It’s probably his new pet, or some stupid shit.

There is an insane collection of pens on Davidlee’s desk, all crammed in mason jars. Well, except for two. One for writing checks and other things, the other is for his drawings. What are all of the other ones for? Fuck if I know. I sat here and tried to figure it out. He only uses two kinds of pens and when one dies he gets another one just like it – I imagine he has a stockade of them under his mattress.

He also this thing sitting on his desk…

FrogIt only disturbs me in the fact that is more endowed than I am.

Among his desk I have found concepts for future comics, which is neat as not even I know what is planned for them and I have already had the pleasure to read through the scripts for season one and two of the show – have I mentioned he plans ahead? They seem humorous. Some of them more personal to him, I can tell from the subject matter, as well as the whole “knowing him” thing as well. I think it is a good thing. Some ideas he needs to utilize and really just bleed out onto the pages. Get some shit off his chest, as well as add a new depth to his “character” in the animated universe of Cody and David. 

Some of the concepts come from subjects he rants about when we drink together. He will get on one, get real southern sounding, and just get it off his chest in a whirlwind of swearing, humor, and light-hearted-anger/irritation. Some of the subjects just being about something that confused him, or made him go, “what in the hell?”

Once I post this article I am only positive that my phone will ding at me, and it will be a message from him saying, “don’t fuck with my desk.” To which I will reply with, “don’t worry.”

But, Davidlee, I am totally gonna fuck with your desk.

Show progress: 45%, due to him and Cody deciding to completely redo the voice overs. We aren’t gonna make promises of a release window anymore. When it is ready, it is ready. Hopefully the comics will spark interest and keep people checking. With a two-man creative team, and a one-man animation team, things go a bit slow. I could help, but fuck that shit.

I also don’t know how to do any of that shit, and am much better at wasting my time by typing up shit like this in hopes of wasting all of your time.

The next comic, #2, is about to go into the final editing stages. You know, uploaded to the computer and stuff and made to look all pretty – or as pretty as a Cody and David comic can look.