No-score and four-years ago – in simpler terms, four-years ago – Cody and Davidlee were sitting on a couch in an apartment somewhere in the mythical land of Macon, Georgia. Quite possibly with beers in hand. Watching television. Being stupid and awesome at the same time. It was a moment that they would come to remember often, but not put into action until three-years later. Davidlee looked over to Cody and said, “let’s make a cartoon.” Cody shrugged and sipped his beer and nodded with that southern-authority that oozes from his being. He looked at Davidlee and he said, “I’m down. Let’s do it.”

Three-years later and many times bringing the subject up, Davidlee found himself in need of a laugh while temporarily living in an extended-stay hotel in Virginia. He broke out his laptop and put words to paper. Paper that wasn’t really paper, but some strange kind of digital medium that exists within the world of word processors and abacuses. The words flowed from his fingertips like blood spilling from slit wrists – which may have just been the blood flowing from his slit-wrists, now that we think about it.

Season One was written in all of its glory and stupidity. Filled to the brim with male nudity, obscenities, and many instances of the word ‘fuck’, cause Davidlee really likes the word ‘fuck’. He likes it so much that he requested that it gets fucking used at least three more fucking times in this fucking paragraph. Writing the scripts brought joy to him and helped him turn from the temptations of liquor and beer. He was even laughing out loud as he wrote scenes, hearing the voice of Cody in his head speaking the words he wrote. His laughing out loud was also due to the fact that he may be insane.

Season One was written in about a week and a half. Cody and Davidlee discussed it. Laughed about it. Davidlee would call his friend, Welton, and read lines out to him and they would both laugh together, and the next thing they knew, Season Two was half-way finished and actual animation began. All on a three-year old laptop that suddenly died thanks to someone-who-shall-not-be-named spilling beer all over it. Everything except the scripts were lost, and Davidlee said, “fuck”.

A brand new iMac and an animation desk later, everything was back in full swing. Davidlee sat at his new workspace and stared at the iMac screen with a blank expression, taking it all in. Starting over with all of the animation frames he slaved over and just being a bitch about it in general and his phone rang. It was Jamie, Cody’s controlling ┬áloving wife. He answered it and she said, “David! Stop being a bitch!” And then Davidlee bent down from his seat and picked his dick up off of the ground. He looked at it before he reattached it. He stopped being a bitch. He then began to work and make shit happen.

And that is how Cody and David was born.