This is the only way to know how The Breakup Trilogy ends. We are moving on with new ideas and plans, and while it is still – at least mine, not sure about Cody’s – my favorite set of comics, I just can’t go back to it. The passion for it is gone. For those wanting to know what happens to Cody, David, and crew can do so by reading the script.

Fun fact: Our scripts always contain shit that gets left on the cutting room floor when they are translated to the comic, so by reading this you will at least get to experience all of the story and moments.

In another news, our newest comic is now being illustrated. Script is done. I am four pages deep and it is coming along quite nicely. It has been nice being back at it again, I can not lie. I missed all this. All of my drawing was done for things other than Cody and David and, well, that is just stupid.

Cody and I are both excited to release the new comic and finally get Volume 3 – The Savannah Saga, fully launched. It is turning out to be our penultimate volume yet. We have our voice. We know what we want to do, and we aren’t nervous – scared – to do it.

Can’t wait for it to drop.

Published by Davidlee

Co-Founder of Cody and David Studios.

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