Keeping Cody and myself from doing Cody and David style things is impossible. We may have to press pause on those said things, but we will eventually get back to them. The Cody and David comics are one of those things. By some crazy working of things, I believe our relaunch took place on the anniversary of our hiatus. This was not planned. Life just works out in crazy ways sometimes.

When the events leading up to our inevitable hiatus, I was smack dab in the middle of trying to finish The Breakup Trilogy: Part Three. Easily our most time consuming comic we have ever put work into. Part Three was never meant to be in two parts. That was just how things kind of happened while we were dealing with issues and trying to keep the comic going. It was also big enough that we could get away with doing it in two parts.

The final pages that I worked on our now available on the website – we may move the link, or just simply combine them with the first portion of Part Three. 

It isn’t finished. As of now, it will never be finished. At least not as a comic. We have flirted with the idea of posting the script for Part Three so that the finale can be read, but we have yet to pull the trigger on that.

After stepping away from it for an entire year, I just don’t have the passion for it anymore. It is still my favorite set of comics that we have ever crafted – while I just act as if comics 1 – 7 don’t exist. It is definitely in the first two parts of Breakup that we truly found our voices and did what we wanted to do. No Country for Young Men kind of helped us get to that stage in making our comic. Once you write, and draw, a scene involving a man violently raping another man’s mouth, you kind of lose that fear of, “what will our readers think?”

Cody and I are finally back in the writer’s room. We are getting shit done. It feels great. It won’t be too much longer before all of my non-photo blue pencils are touching paper again.

Check back here for any and all updates, as we start this journey back up again.

Love you all.


Published by Davidlee

Co-Founder of Cody and David Studios.

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