Cody and David: The Best Of

I forced Cody and Davidlee to sit down the other day. I presented to them all of their comics they have currently released. I gave them beer, so they would be easier to work with. I then demanded that they choose their favorite moments from all of the comics – except for #0, cause we really don’t count that one. Davidlee also forbid the choosing of anything from the Halloween comic. He really hates it.

Comic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0014_Comic 1 - p16.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0015_Comic 1 - p17.jpgComic 2 Part 2_0005_Comic 2 part 2 - p6.jpgComic 2 Part 2_0006_Comic 2 part 2 - p7.jpgComic 2 Part 2_0007_Comic 2 part 2 - p8.jpgComic 2 Part 2_0008_Comic 2 part 2 - p9.jpgHomewrecker_0005_IMG_1151.JPGHomewrecker_0014_IMG_1160.JPGComic 6_0009_IMG_0101.jpgComic 6_0008_IMG_0100.jpgComic 7_0012_IMG_0128.jpgComic 7_0013_IMG_0129.jpgComic 8_0015_IMG_0160.jpgComic 8_0016_IMG_0161.jpgComic 8_0017_IMG_0162.jpgComic 8_0000_IMG_0315.jpgComic 8_0001_IMG_0316.jpgComic 8_0002_IMG_0317.jpgComic 8_0003_IMG_0318.jpgComic 10_0001_IMG_0407.jpgComic 10_0002_IMG_0408.jpgComic 10_0003_IMG_0409.jpgComic 10_0010_IMG_0416.jpgcomic welton_0014_Scan 14comic welton_0015_Scan 15c12 - 24c12 - 32c12 - 33c12 - 36c12 - 37c12 - 38c12 - 39c12 - 41c13 - 14c13 - 15c13 - 16c13 - 32c13 - 33c13 - 46c13 - 47c13 - 49c13 - 53c13 - 55c13 - 56c13 - 57c13 - 58Breakup Trilogy Poster


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