Days of Insanity – Day #We Still Need To Do The Math

Sleep? We don’t need that shit.

Except that we totally do need that shit, but we have so, so, so many things to do.

I am pretty sure that Davidlee does not stop drawing anymore. I see him drawing while writing scripts for the animation. We go out for lunch, he is drawing during lunch. We are having small meetings, he is drawing. He is drawing during Writer’s Rooms, something he never usually does. He takes all of the pages home and draws at home. I am pretty sure that when he is shitting, he is drawing on the toilet. I think he may have even rigged a set up so that he can draw while he showers.

He looks tired, and we tell him that, and he says he is fine.

He doesn’t stop.

We are all in agreement that he has just stopped sleeping.

“Part Three has to be the best comic we have ever done. It is the new standard for our comics going forward. It has to be badass.” 

I think that we are going to accomplish that. It is definitely going to be our best comic yet. Even though Davidlee has started his “I hate this. It is horrible” phase sooner than normal. Cody just slaps the shit out of him when he gets like that.

We have a “Best Of” we are about to launch for this month, in a pathetic attempt of an apology for Part Three not dropping until late August. It’s not your typical re-read-all-this-shit best of. More of a Director’s Commentary I guess you could say.

We will see how it goes.




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