Hey guys.

Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been deep into the “Days of Insanity” as we have dubbed them, working tirelessly on The Breakup Trilogy Part Three, and the scripts for the cartoon, which we are finally half-way finished with. We are also working on bringing back the Legend of the Georgia Samurai and finish up chapter two of that, hopefully before we begin recording voice overs.

There will not be a Cody and David comic this month. We will not be anywhere near finished with Part Three by the time this month wraps up. Just a bit of an example, the comic is now seventeen pages long – as of this writing – and we are only on page nine of the script. The script is 48 pages long. A lot of work is going into it and we are going into uncharted territory for the Cody and David comics. Because of this pages are taking much longer than they normally have to produce. Normally I would knock out three or five pages a day of a comic, but a good day for this one is two to three. There is more drawing involved, and more computer editing.

In the past, our backgrounds were nothing more than to establish a location, and then they were no longer present. We are doing backgrounds in this one. We are also doing color. We are also gearing up to do a physical release of the entire Breakup Trilogy. 

Needless to say, we have a lot going on, added to our full-time jobs we also have.

A sneak peek – like we did with Part Two – is still on the table. As we have noted before, our Patreon supporters have access to the pages as soon as we complete them, but the full, finished product will be available here for everyone in August.

We are very excited about Part Three, and we hope it delivers.

Thank you to everyone that reads our work, supports us on Patreon, and likes and retweets our shit on Twitter – which we suck at using.

We love you all.



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