Days Of Insanity – Day 31

You never realize how bad ass vacations are until you are actually on one. I wasn’t on one, but I had a long weekend and during it I went into what I like to call, “vacation mode”. It is a mode in which I am a lazy piece of shit on a professional level that if it were an olympic sport I would probably take home the gold. My days involved a lot of cartoons while posted up on the couch, often with my dogs piled on top of me, a cold beer near by, and the hardest decision I had to make was what game I wanted to play. I thought about going to the beach, but my couch wouldn’t let me out of its grasp.

I got some strip mall Chinese food, because I fucking love strip mall Chinese food.

I have recently discovered the greatness that is My Hero Academia, which I have heard a lot about the past couple of months and just never jumped into it. I am often hesitant to jump into anime because they usually lose my interest. Dragon Ball Super has already ended – I watched the sub on VRV – and I try to keep at least one anime in my TV rotation, so I started up My Hero Academia on a whim. Now I am fucking hooked. It is so damn good. It’s just fun. Really fucking fun.

We are back at it starting tomorrow, kicking things off with a lot of pre-production work on Comic #14 Part 3 – The Breakup Trilogy Part Three. The majority of the work this week is probably going to be nothing but pre-production shit. Got some character models to hammer out, backgrounds to draw – yes, this one will feature full backgrounds – and a ton of other assets to knock out before we even think of drawing the first frame.

It will not be dropping this month. Gonna just go ahead and say that. Nothing we can do about that. We were late on delivering Part Twoand we apologize for that, but it could not be helped. We were not gonna rush it or cut anything from it to get it out before the end of June. We are going to be doing the same thing for Part Three. To make up for this, we are ending the hiatus on The Legend of the Georgia SamuraiWesley and his journey of revenge will begin again next week.

All pages of Part Three will be uploaded on our Patreon as they are completed, as a bonus to those who have found it in their heart to offer support to us here at Cody and David Studios. Right now we are looking at an August release for the comic. It is going to be big. Real big. It is gonna make Part Two look short, and that one was 73 pages long. Our longest comic as of now. We may, and we are still discussing this, release it in two parts. It is a possibility. We are, however, all about releasing our comics once they are completed, because we feel they make for a better experience getting them all in one go.

I am pretty sure this is just high-fructose corn syrup with some red food coloring, but it holds a special place in my heart.

We will also be doing another first this year, and that is releasing a physical copy of some of our comics. Those comics will be all three parts of The Breakup Trilogy. Patreon supporters of $5 or more will receive a copy by default, and we will be selling a limited run of them for a cheap price. Probably $5 to cover shipping costs.

The Breakup Trilogy is basically us realizing what we have wanted to do with the comics, and that is make them like what our cartoon is going to be. The comics came into a creation as a way to get something out into the world while we work on the animations, and we never really knew how to go about them. We have had some good ones ( Father-Son, No Country For Young Men, Metal Gear Blues), some I would like to forget ( A Cody and David Halloween, Welton, Wingman ), and some mediocre ones ( The Life and Times of Joe – Part One, What David Saw ).

It wasn’t until we were deep into the writing stages of The Breakup Trilogy – which went through many, many changes – that we realized we have been going about the comics all wrong. They shouldn’t be different from the cartoon; they should be the cartoon, but in comic form. Out of all of the comics we have made so far, the only ones I would ever consider giving the animation make over are the ones that make up The Breakup Trilogy. Parts One and Two are the only comics I have released and didn’t have a damn near breakdown after launching them. I like them. The only ones I truly like.

They have brought forth a new standard for the Cody and David comic series. No longer are we going to think of them as comics but as episodes of the cartoon that are not a part of the cartoon. That sounds weird, but it makes sense to us.

I have some left over Chinese food to eat.


c13 - 73
The breakup drama comes to an end in August.



2 Replies to “Days Of Insanity – Day 31”

  1. Even though I want the part three now, I understand that a lot of work goes into making it. Gotta do what you gotta do! Glad the Samurai is coming back while we wait.

    Also, I really enjoyed A Cody and David Halloween.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I too enjoyed A Cody and David Halloween, but Davidlee is his toughest critic. I have been surprised he has been so happy with the Breakup Trilogy.

    All of us here are glad to see the Samurai make his return. Chapter 2 is very interesting and we all felt a tinge of shame when we decided to put it on hiatus.


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