The Breakup Trilogy Part Two Dropping Tonight

I know. I know. We are late on delivering the comic and that is our fault. Davidlee has been adamant about making this the absolute best comic we have dropped yet. Checking in at over 60 pages, with no scenes cut, and the absurdity cranked up to 11.

Earlier today, Davidlee said this to me:

“I feel like all of the past comics we have done was just us testing the waters, trying to figure out what the comics were gonna be while we work on the animation. We finally figured it all out with this trilogy. The Breakup Trilogy is what the comics should have been, and that is comics that are ones we write and ask ourselves, ‘should this be in the cartoon instead?’ Part Two has made us realize that the comics should not be a watered down version of the cartoon, but the cartoon in comic format.”

He was right when he said that. The Breakup Trilogy blows the other comics out of the water. It makes No Country for Young Men look very, very tame, and we got angry emails about that one.

We know it is late, and we apologize, but we want this to be as best as it can be, as well as what it is supposed to be. Some of our longer comics had scenes cut from them. There was a whole two-pages of script cut from the comic of No Country for Young Men to make the deadline. Welton had a few scenes cut and shortened.

We ain’t cutting shit for The Breakup Trilogy. 

Davidlee is pumping out a twelve-hour – or longer – work day so we can deliver this comic to you all tonight.

We love you.

~Roscoe Duggan


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