Days of Insanity – Day 14

I have four more days in Charlotte. Once those day are up I will be spending a day and a half with family, and fitting in an art show somewhere in there with Jamie. I have been keeping up quite well with illustrating the comic while away from the office, though the basic-bitch desk at my hotel fucks with my already fucked arm, I have a good pace going.

Dillon – one of our writers – came in for a visit and after a day of exploration and drinking, we knocked out some outlines for the majority of animation scripts. We laughed like idiots during the idea tossing, and that is exactly what we want to happen during our “writer’s room” sessions. Most of all, though, it has helped lift some stress from my shoulders, at least I now know what the scripts are going to be about.

But I still have to actually write the scripts.

11 of them. Still. It is still 11. 11 scripts in three-months.

I’m gonna go get a beer and some fucking tacos.



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