Business Trip

I have been out of the office – which decided to shut down for the duration of my absence – since Sunday. I will not be returning to it until Next weekend, which will begin the mad dash to scan, edit, and upload the remaining pages of The Breakup Trilogy: Part 2. It is gonna be a fucking bitch.

If I remember correctly, I have about five unscanned pages chilling on my desk, and I have, at the time of this writing, ten pages with me in my hotel room. I probably have about twenty more to draw.

I’m gonna be glued to my computer for quite a while.

This business trip has me in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. Beautiful city. My hotel has a rooftop bar which is something I never knew I wanted, but have recently learned that I do want a bar high up on the roof of a hotel/any building.

Margaritas taste so much better when you are on a roof.

Being able to mindlessly walk around and explore a new city has been helpful in the creative process for the cartoon scripts, and one of my writers from Virginia is driving down today for some brainstorming exploration.

Gonna be good.

Sorry we didn’t give more of a heads up, as this trip was super last minute for me, and Cody and Roscoe have been spending time away from the office with family.

Work is still happening, just not at Cody and David Studios.

We will all be back in the office on the 2nd of July, and I will try to get another post or two written up before then, even if it is just a progress report on the comic.



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