Days of Insanity

Comic #13 Wingman 2: Wingman Harder – Part Two of the Breakup Trilogy, is halfway illustrated. We will be dropping a sneak peek of the comic next week.

Tomorrow night we are holding our biggest Writer’s Room session. Everyone will be present, which is gonna be exciting, especially as some of the people a part of our Writer’s Room have never even met before. We have a bit of a dilemma on our hands. We need to start animation work by November, so in October we need to lay down voice overs. In October, we have people traveling down to work with us and knock out all voice over work in about three-days, and then another extra day where myself and one other will begin music production.

We are going to be recording voice over work for fourteen episodes.

We have four scripts written.

We need ten more scripts. Thirteen if you count the three comics we will have to produce in August, September, and October. We have scripts for the comic for July, as it is part three of The Breakup Trilogy. 

Shit is about to get crazy.


Ideas are about to start firing off from all over, it is gonna be like some online shooter up in this bitch, but instead of digital bullets, we will have fucked up shit flying through the air. We will definitely share idea lists with everyone, and possibly even some audio recordings and videos.

We are probably going to get ourselves a lovely case of gout. Red meat intake is about to reach insane levels. There is no better way for brainstorming than shoving a big-ass cheese burger, some fries, and, shit, I usually feel kinda kinky, some chicken nuggets into my mouth, and everyone is starting to hop on board that horrible habit. People are also going to be in and out of town during this crazy process – there is something more satisfying about actually being in the room together – so we are going to be eating out a lot. A few scotches here and there, a few steaks, maybe a scallop or two, and, yes, I will take a round of oysters, and next thing we know we are all crying in our beds because our toes feel like they are being fucked to death by a bunch of little demons.

Our office is going to look like a serial killer has moved in. So much shit we are going to have tacked and taped up everywhere. So many pencils I am going to blast through. Our legs are going to get fucking ripped, cause a lot of walking takes place during these things. And I mean a lot. And not just pacing, I am talking about a sudden realization that we are now outside and have no idea where the fuck we are.

It is going to be fun. It is going to be hard. There are going to be a lot of laughs. A lot of hard work. A lot of junk food eaten. A lot of amazing food eaten. A gathering of friends. A strengthening of bonds. Someone, at some point, will probably pull their dick out, if not just get completely naked.

If you will excuse me, I need to go to sleep and dream about the delicious, heart killing goodness that will be the fast food I am going to shove down my throat tomorrow at this Writer’s Room.



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