Last Pages

So we are down to the last four or so pages of comic #12 – we are breaking a 30 page count with this one.  Right now it is looking like Wednesday of next week is going to be a big day for us, so to say. We will be dropping a new page of The Legend of the Georgia Samuraiand comic #12, which is also Part One of The Breakup Trilogy. 

We would release #12 sooner, but Memorial Day is Monday and Cody and I would like to not be working on that day. What with family and what not.

Each new comic release is more laborious than the last, and this one is no exception. It has been kicking my ass, but damn it is one we are really proud of. It looks good, it is funny, offensive, absurd, and it sets the rest of the story up really nicely. Kind of helps get everyone ready for what is Part Two, which I can only assume will be the second comic to get us a pissed off email from an angry mom. The first being No Country for Young Men, and compared to what all is going down in The Breakup Trilogy,  that comic looks like a fucking kid’s book.

When I get text messages from people that are a part of our writer’s room expressing shock, I feel happy.

Dillon is a Writer’s Room veteran.

Exciting times ahead. Good shit on the horizon.

Also we launched a Patreon. If you would like to help support Cody and David Studios by being a Patron, you can do so by clicking here. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Hell, we greatly appreciate you just looking at our Patreon page, and we most definitely appreciate you reading our comics. We make them for you. We want to make you laugh.

You guys are awesome.

Be safe out there in your Memorial Day celebrations. Cody and I are going to do our best to not burn his house down grilling. We grill hard. Real hard.

~Davidlee Jolley

Oh yeah. Follow us on Twitter. We will love you forever for it.



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