There is a request we always throw out whenever we take lunch together outside of the office: Can we possibly be sat somewhere secluded?

Most the time we are indeed sat somewhere secluded. This is a good thing, as most of our lunch conversations involve Cody and David, and most of the subject matter involving Cody and David is of a nature that is not suitable for public conversation. Right now at the office the only thing that is being talked about is The Breakup Trilogy story-arc spanning the next three Cody and David entries. The conversation that was started on it today spilled over into the lunch conversation.

We started off in a secluded room:

It wasn’t like this for very long…

You would be surprised at the looks you get when you are mainly talking about, “I drew literal semen flying out of her mouth! With heads and tails, just like you suggested.”

People just didn’t really seem as into it as we all were…

Another point of topic we journeyed into today was the talk of a physical release of sorts. Like any webcomic/comic/entertainment website, we want more readers, especially with a cartoon in the works. “Let’s do like a volume one release, or a top comics thing,” Davidlee said, “you know, like take our most viewed four or five comics, have a bad ass book made.” Cody nodded, definitely liking the idea as Davidlee showed him some mock-ups. “Where would we sell it at? Our site,” Cody asked.

Davidlee returned his phone to his pocket. He took a sip from his Georgia Peach Margarita and looked at Cody and myself.

“We aren’t going to sell it. We are going to give it away,” he said. “People walk into a comic book store, make a purchase, they’re of age for our comics, the owner gives them a hard-back, well-made, physical copy of our most popular, and most fucked up comics. We make twenty of them, have the store give them away. The store, nor the possible future-reader takes a hit financially.”

Cody is down with the idea. “I like the idea.”

And thus the Cody and David Tome* was born. Our first physical release will be a free, limited release of twenty-two printings. Twenty of them will be for a soon-to-be-disclosed comic book store in the hometown of Cody and Davidlee, and the other two will be for give-aways either here, or on Twitter.

The Cody and David Tome* will include the following comics:

No Country for Young Men


What David Saw

The Breakup Trilogy

More details will be dropping soon, once we get further into the development process. The books will drop in September.

*Working title. We just all liked how it sounded.


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