Our Biggest Release Yet


So at the end of this month we will be releasing part one of a three-part story arc that is also one of our biggest and labor intensive Cody and David comic yet. As of now, with just the first part alone, we have hit about 120 hours, counting script work and drawing. With each one we are trying out new ways of presenting the comics in terms of page styling. Part one kind of combines some the styles we have done in past entries and I am very happy with how it is turning out.

Cody and David is a very dialogue heavy comic series and some of our earlier ones are mostly just head-shots with the dialogue, something we are trying to get away from and reserve those for the Cody and David only comics. A great example of what I am talking about can be seen in comic #10.

We want each of our comics to feel unique as much as possible, with each page looking different from the last. Hopefully it is an endeavor we can pull off. The now quite infamous, and still our most viewed, comic #9 – No Country for Young Men, was one of our first true experiments with having the action unfold on the page differently than normal. One of the first scenes in that comic we straight up said, “fuck frames.” And we did just that. We didn’t do anything revolutionary, but it was “new” for us.

The Breakup Trilogy is somewhat also another way for us to expand the way we tell the story on the page. With the simple art style that Cody and David, and The Legend of the Georgia Samurai utilizes, we feel that with breaking out of our comfort zones we can make not only entertaining, but good looking comics as well.

We want our comics to be as entertaining to you, the reader, as possible.

This story arc began as a thought, as all do, and was birthed into this world as a full fledged idea on January 1st, 2018, at a bar in Macon, GA – where the comics are set – while Cody and I had some beers and drew up some drafts. Our goal with this story arc is to start hard and end hard with our goal having the reader’s reactions go from laughter, to “holy shit! they did that,” to “oh my god, they did that!” 

If we do our job then The Breakup Trilogy will go from zero to a hundred in a page turn and not let up until the final page of the last entry reads, “The End.”

Very excited to release these comics. The first part will be hitting the site near the end of this month with the second part dropping in June, and the final entry hitting in July.



NOTE FROM ROSCOE: I normally don’t hop in on posts by Davidlee, but I felt the need to say: The Breakup Trilogy is turning out to be Davidlee’s tour de force. It is filthy, heartwarming, funny, brings some new things to the table, and will even be bringing an entirely different art style to the world of Cody and David. It has some of the staple shit from Cody and David while also breaking the mold here and there. The first part is good. The second part is raunchy. The third… I don’t even want to say anything about. I am not spoiling anything about it.

Roscoe out.


2 Replies to “Our Biggest Release Yet”

  1. Sounds good. So far nothing has beaten FatherSon for me. No Country was funny, but I actally loled with FatherSon.Looking forward to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Father-Son is mine and Cody’s personal favorite as well. Hope that you enjoy these upcoming comics. Looking forward to your feedback, and thank you for reading!


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