Chapter Two Is Here!

Wednesdays belong to the Samurai again, my friends! Here is the Credit Page and Page One of Chapter Two or The Legend of the Georgia Samurai

Super excited about this chapter. More shit is going down than what happened in Chapter One, and this one is gonna be a lot longer. With Chapter One we were playing around with an idea we had and now, with Chapter Two, we are seeing it blossom into something we had not even planned. It was just gonna be a quick-little side story set in the Cody and David universe and has morphed into a relatively dark and serious story. I also love that we are doing a dark and relatively serious story in the art style of Cody and David. 

A lot of love and hard work is going into this script and comic, and we all hope you enjoy it.

LOGS Chp 2 Credit Opening

Chapter 2 1


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