Sleepless in Savannah

What’s up everyone?

Other than a crippling bout of insomnia, everything is going smooth. I am no stranger to random stretches of time where I can’t manage to sleep properly. It happens a lot more than I would like it. By looking at the plus side of insomnia it does mean I catch up on all of my reading, and I often read four books at a time – not all four at one single time, that would be crazy, and awesome. That bastard insomnia also allows to me to splurge on some of the show addictions I rarely get to splurge on.

Lack of sleep also mean I am in need of a new sketchbook here soon, as another thing I find myself doing is sketching it up by the light of a lamp. It seems that this time around, my sleep starved brain is keen on drawing Fred Moore style girls. I may post some here or have Roscoe upload them to our Twitter, which none of us here really even know how to use.

That wasn’t a joke. None of us here really understand Twitter. Like, anything at all about it. The mot I know of it is that it is one of the President’s favorite place to vent and rant, and that kinda scares me. So many times have we been sitting around and Roscoe would ask, “should I post something on Twitter,” and we all respond with a goofy-smile accompanied “yes” only to find ourselves, twenty-or-so-minutes later, asking, “what the fuck should we put on Twitter?”

We don’t know. We never know. I am pretty sure Roscoe wakes up in cold sweats over Twitter.

Perhaps we will figure out the secrets of Twitter, but for now, that is not the case.

The Legend of the Georgia Samurai Chapter Two launches next week. Wednesday the 16th, to be motherfucking exact. Work on Comic #12 has also begun, and I am not talking about the script, I am talking about actually pencil-to-paper. Shit, here is the title page:


I would say expect that one to drop the 30th of this month, if it looks like it is going to be sooner than that, we will let you know.

But while you wait for that one, have you read the one that pissed off a kid’s mom? No Country For Young MenWhat about Father-SonMine and Cody’s personal favorite.

Well I am going to go get ready for pizza day in the office.

Take care, everyone.



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