The Studio

What’s up everyone? I hope you all are doing well.

First of all, let me apologize for the delay in getting comic #11 out. I failed on getting it released on time and for that I am deeply sorry.

We now have the new office up and working and Cody and I are finally no longer a 12+ hour drive away from each other, so we can accomplish much, much more together now. Which is something we definitely needed – especially with the upcoming animation.

Lot more space to work in the new office and I finally got a new scanner, which is something I have been wanting for some time now. This new scanner is basically the most beneficial part of my animation area. With the one I had before this I would scan a comic page and then spend way more time than I needed/wanted to on cleaning the image up – what with sketch lines, and shit. That nonsense is a thing of the past. All of my blue sketch lines from the non-photo pencils no longer pop-up – like they are intended – and all I get now is the ink work. A little minimal coloring and then it is a done deal.

I was able to the computer side of things on Comic #11 in one day, while in the past it was a two, sometimes three, day process.

That is the most I have ever talked about a scanner before. I feel awesomely lame.

Comic #12 is still running on track, and starts off the breakup trilogy we have spoken of, and is going to be one of the biggest projects we have tackled here to date. A lot of work is going into them, especially the final entry, which is a mix of the Cody and David art style and another art style. Not sure if we have revealed what that art style is yet, but I am going to assume we have not and keep it under wraps.

LOGS CHapter 2 Promo

The Legend of the Georgia Samurai Chapter Two script has entered the writing process and that comic will launch on the 16th of this month, a Wednesday, and will then have new updates every following Wednesday. Chapter Two is gonna run longer and is on a grander scale than the first chapter, which was setting up the main character and us figuring out where exactly we are going with this comic. We knew it was set in the Cody and David universe from the start, but we tossed around the idea of it being humorous and serious, but then it started to become, well, serious. And dark.  I am really excited as to where it is heading.

Voice overs for the Cody and David cartoon are being recorded in October, and the revised scripts for season one are nearly done.

Other than that everything is going smoothly. I was forced to take a vacation by everyone else around here in which I spent a week hanging with my dogs, fishing, and playing God Of War, which may have been one of the best games I have played in years. It was a break I definitely needed and I am glad everyone forced me to take it.

Glad to be back, though.

Let’s get the fucked up shit rolling again.

~Davidlee Jolley


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