comic welton_0001_Scan 1

comic welton_0002_Scan 2

comic welton_0003_Scan 3

comic welton_0004_Scan 4

comic welton_0005_Scan 5

comic welton_0006_Scan 6

comic welton_0007_Scan 7

comic welton_0008_Scan 8

comic welton_0009_Scan 9

comic welton_0010_Scan 10

comic welton_0011_Scan 11

comic welton_0012_Scan 12

comic welton_0013_Scan 13


comic welton_0015_Scan 15


Published by Davidlee

Co-Founder of Cody and David Studios.

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    1. It was intended to be random and somewhat in the vein of Walden; or, Life In the Woods, but it did get severely edited due to everything going on at the time, like a studio relocation. If it was kept in its entirety then it would have probably been twice as long, but with the time crunch we had going on – and seeing as how we missed the deadline (my bad) – it was a decision we all felt had to be made.


      1. Please note that Davidlee also lost about a week of sleep due to fretting over this comic during the move, and then a night of sleep due to freaking out about it some more after we released it. Also, our most random comic is #3, Labels. Don’t get more random than that.


      2. Ah yes, I remember Labels now. That WAS random indeed, lol. Losing sleep? Damn, dog, no need to freak. These comics are humorous and fun.


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