Update 4/25/18

The new office is pretty much set up. I am no longer accessing my computer while sitting on the floor. Which is nice. I like sitting at a desk when doing computer style activities, unless I am using a laptop but I rarely use a laptop. I just like desks, also. They make me feel important and give me that feeling of being important looking. If a desk is in front of me I also feel like I at least look busy.

Oh you guys are working on a script? I’d help but I am at my desk. Doing desk stuff. What? We need to edit pictures on some form of Adobe bullshit? Can’t. Sitting at my desk doing far more important things.

I just open the studio email and stare blankly at my screen as I fantasize about being elsewhere.

So we forced Davidlee to take a leave of absence. We allowed him to come in and set up his workspace and then we made sure he left and he is not allowed to come back until a proper break has been had. We even had Dillon head over and make sure his new place of living was free from work related shit, otherwise he would not sit still and let his brain recover. We are a comic behind. Comic 11 should have already gone live but it did not happen, and, unless it was just rushed and released as a giant piece of shit, then there was no avoiding this delay.

“I fucking suck,” was about all Davidlee would say the past couple of weeks because it has been driving him absolutely insane for missing the deadline on the comic, which, everyone else agrees, was understandable seeing as how during the past month and a half he managed to stay on top of everything else going on around here. He finished The Legend of the Georgia Samurai Chapter Onea week ahead of schedule. He never missed any of the meetings, or writer’s room sessions, and he also hammered out three scripts for future comics, as well as completely revised two of the scripts for the animation. Oh yeah, and we also relocated, all while he still continued to work on shit when we were supposed to only be focusing on the move and then recharging.

Apparently he went and played golf today, and he finished God of War which he said was an amazing and emotional experience, and also promised he has not been worrying about the studio, which is good cause Cody and I have this shit on lock and it has only been burning for about an hour.

One amazing thing about our new location is a lovely little thing we can do when we go out on adventures in the downtown area, and it was something Davidlee told me I would love, and I absolutely do indeed love it. This little lovely thing is the ability to walk into a bar, or brewery, or restaurant, and approach the bar, order yourself a Jack and Coke – or whatever your poison is – to go. Yes. I can order alcoholic drinks to go, leave the bar and walk to another one while sipping on my delicious whiskey soda and repeat. I have never experienced something like it before and it absolutely makes exploring a beautiful, history-rich city even more enjoyable.

Anyway… Cody is outside checking out a caterpillar and I just realized I have yet to christen the toilet with a proper shit.

So I am gonna go do that. Gonna go do that right now.

Fuck yeah.

~Roscoe Duggan


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