What up!

So I am currently on the road in a uHaul. I probably did the spelling of that all wrong and I do not give four-shits. I don’t even give one.

As you all are probably aware – unless this is your first time on the site – we are entering a dark month due to a relocation. Chapter One of The Legend of the Georgia Samurai has come to an end, and comic 11 of Cody and David is still coming. Yes, it is late and Davidlee is beating himself up over it, but – as we have all told him – there was no avoiding it. He had too much shit going on, but he still wants to pump out now. While the rest of us are moving and getting ready to start setting up the new office, he is pumping away at finishing up that comic.

He is also planning on making an apology video. He feels really shitty about missing the deadline for the comic, to the point that we are now actively looking for an artist for the comics alone – which would also free him up to draw exclusively for the animation.

Other than that, don’t expect much from us this month. We will have a few updates here and there, but no new comics this month.

Well, except for comic 11, because Davidlee is in his empty home now finalizing it.


~Roscoe Duggan


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