I just left the original offices of Cody and David Studios for the last time. We only spent a short amount of time there – a little over a year – but I will miss its cozy confines. Now, before too long, I will have a new location to lose my sanity in and a new floor to pace a trail into. Gonna be finishing up the next Cody and David comic at my home, which is also empty, save for the boxes filled with all of my shit, and my two dogs.

Stressful and exciting all of this has been and continues to be, but thankfully it is nearing its end.  It never fails that on a busy day for me I can always rely on Roscoe to interrupt my relaxation time with such things as texts that read, “comic #11, when we throwing it up? ETA? Thanks.” Does nothing more than pull me back into my stressing and reminds me, with a bitchslap force, that I am behind on Comic #11. It also reminds me that I am behind on GA Samurai, and we only have two – yes, two, I counted – Wednesdays left to wrap up the chapter.

But at least everything is packed.

An old sketch that perfectly sums up how I feel right now.

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