Not Enough Wednesdays

That’s an old animation test from the archives.

So we are nearing the end of Chapter One of The Legend of the Georgia Samurai. There are only four pages left of it, but only three Wednesdays left of this month, and next month is going to be a dark month due to the studio relocating, and all of this is making my head hurt.

In short, to solve this problem in the best way we know how, next week we will be releasing two, that is right, two, brand-spanking-new pages of Georgia Samurai. It is unheard of, really and I hope the site can handle the awesomeness that will be forced upon it due to this ungodly momentous occasion.

I mean this shit is gonna be up there with sliced bread. Sliced mother fucking bread. The best kind of bread. Sliced gluten-free bread, if you’re a celiac.

Our office is damn near empty. Spooky empty. All that really remains is my desk and a small, shell-filled lamp that we decided to leave upon the floor. It really brings the place together. I will be off to look at the new location this weekend, which excites me and makes me feel tingly in strange places. It also gives me the assurance that this relocation is almost fucking over with and I can stop stressing about it and just go back to stressing about everything else.


Gonna get back to working on the next Cody and David comic and eat some pizza and feel strange as I sit here alone and naked, drawing away.



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