Final Grind

The final grind before we move shop is upon us, and holy shit it is kind of daunting. We are taking no breathers in between comics this time around and my coffee intake is about to skyrocket. If all goes plan, and it most likely want, if I am being honest, the next Cody and David comic will go live on March 15th. leaving the last bit of the month to Georgia Samurai to carry the weight.

After that all that really will be getting posted is updates by our one and only, and slightly annoying, Roscoe Duggan. The rest of us will see you all in May.

Illustrated by the one and only, Roscoe Duggan. He won’t draw anything else for us, though.

Comic 11 is gonna be a bit different. Some of you may notice that the title takes from the book Walden, which was intentional. It is sort of a parody. I have wanted to do a comic featuring Welton – who debuted in Homewrecker – and at the time I was muling over the idea of the comic I was reading through Walden, something I have not done in about ten years or so. I started thinking about Welton in this situation, whom will tell you himself, he would fucking die if he tried to live in the woods, especially in the olden style. Roughing it and shit.

Then I just sat down and wrote the script. Very dialogue heavy and consisting of single-page illustrations – similar to the opening and ending of No Country For Young MenI even picked up the phone and went over it with Welton himself, or at least whenever the bastard would pick up his phone.

I am happy with the script and hope the comic turns out solid, even though, as with all of the comics, I hate them by the time I am finished creating them. And then I like them again after my nerves calm.

Perhaps it will be another incident like Labelswhich I actually really like, it’s bizarre randomness and all, but I will never do another comic like that. Which was just start drawing with no script whatsoever and let shit happen. Maybe I will end up really liking Comic 11 and do some more “story book” style entries on down the road.

Fun fact: Comic 11 will be the last Cody and David comic that will be created in our soon-to-be-old office.

Other news: We have mentioned The YouTuber in previous posts, and while scripts are written and filming was ready to begin, we are putting it on hiatus. Not sure for how long. It may release this year, or it may release next year. We shall see. Once filming starts, though, we will let you guys know.



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