New Comic Dropping Soon

Hey. Hey there.

Sorry the next comic of Cody and David is taking a bit longer to push out. I am about to start the final edits on it and it should be up Saturday night or Sunday morning. Got a little behind what with the upcoming relocation process and house hunting. Always a fun process that I rank up there with getting pissed on. No offense to those of you who do enjoy getting pissed on. To each their own. It is just not my thing.

After this comic is launched we will have one more coming out before the move in April, that will be dropping in March. That also means we will have five more pages of the Georgia Samurai going live as well. After that, however, April will be a month of a whole lot of nothing happening here at Cody and David Studios. We apologize for that. Which I am sure is about the twentieth time we have done so.

We will be coming back in strong, however, in May. I will probably go batshit crazy during April, as it is incredibly weird these days when I am not doing work on Cody and David Studios shit.

I love you all.



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