Studio Relocating

Greetings. I hope you all are doing well. Did you eat a good breakfast? Take your vitamins? Masturbated while you showered?

Early morning dropping of news, and that piece of news is one that was spoiled by the title of this article. Cody and David Studios is relocating. In April. Also in April, we will have no new content going up, due to this move. It will be a “dark month” for us. I thought about the possibility of hammering two comics out in March, and scheduling one to go live in April, but I don’t want to do that. If I do that then I will run the risk of pushing out two comics that are not up to snuff because they got rushed.

But it also means that after April, we will be coming in strong with our three most intense comics that will be dropped this year, which I hope will make up for the month of no new shit. The comics that I speak of are the ones that make up what we are calling The Breakup Trilogy, and I know Roscoe has been mentioning it in some of his posts.

On the good side of things, this relocation makes for better scheduling for Cody and myself, which is going to make life much, much easier when it is time to do voice-overs for the animations. We can also be done with the FaceTime meetings and start doing in-person meetings. They are so much more intimate. We light a candle. Open a bottle of wine. The whole nine-yards.

We do apologize to our readers for the lack of content this will mean in April, but we promise to come back in May with a hard hitting comic.

I am gonna go pack.



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