Mail bag

Fuck. All I could think every time I took a gander at the studio email this month. We got an unusual amount of emails fired our way these past couple of weeks. Reading through them all, it sparked an idea in my mind, and I said to myself, “Roscoe, why in the hell don’t you do an article about these emails.”

So I did. Let us begin.

From: Ben

“Cody David, why do new comics only come out like once a month or so?”

Answer: Because it takes about a month to create one – check this article out – and also, who is Cody David?

F: felynetamer

“What kind of equipment do you guys use?”

A: iMacs. We use iMacs. I am also pretty sure that Davidlee masturbates to iMacs. The entire Adobe CC Suite. On the less fancy side of things, Davidlee uses non-photo blue Prismacolor pencils for the initial sketching. A set of Faber-Castell pens for inking. He also uses his hand.

F: GodPiccolo94

“Cody and David, where is the studio located? Also, I enjoy drawing and am currently learning animation and looking for a place to do some work to help grow my resume, and portfolio.”

A: The studio is located on Earth, and we are not currently expanding our team.

F: Thomas

“What the fuck is wrong with you guys?”

A: A lot.

F: Famous Heinous Anus

“No Country For Young Men made me feel ways. I wanted to laugh, cry, and question everything. Thank you for raping my brain, you dickheads.”

A: Anytime.

F: scadboy420

“Do you guys do guest artists? What about hosting comics created by others?”

A: Guest artists is something we have never really thought about, and we are still growing so this is actually our first time someone asked us about it. Probably later on down the road. Hosting a comic? Pitch us the idea and send us some samples and we will talk.

F: devilishcharmer78

“you guys are fags.”

A: If you say so.


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