2018 Release Schedule

Davidlee is scheduled to start illustrating the next Cody and David comic tomorrow, and I just finished reading the script. It is a solid just Cody and David comic, much like Metal Gear Bluesand HomewreckerSomething I feel has been overdue for sometime now, and only partially because I enjoy the comics of Cody and David conversing amongst themselves.

Davidlee decided to take yesterday off from any work yesterday for some monster hunting. No, he wasn’t out and about hoping to find some unknown creature in the woods, and doing some deep soul searching. He was up until about four in the fucking morning playing Monster Hunter World, which he is always talking about how “good” and “awesome” it is.

He does work a lot, so I guess it is okay. I still like to call him a slacker, but only because I know it hits him in the heart a little bit.

We have also completed the release schedule for this year.

February: Comic 10

March: Comic 11

April: Dark Month – studio relocating (more on this soon)

May: Comic 12

June: Comic 13

July: Comic 14

August: Cody and David S1 – Ep 1 One With Nature

September: Comic 15

October: Animation production

November: Animation production, Comic 16 (Volume 2 Finale)

December: Dark Month

This schedule does not include the weekly updates of The Legend of the Georgia Samurai, but the releases of it will also be effected by our dark months. While no new content will be released in April due to a relocation, none will be released in December due to the office closing for the holidays while the crew visits family.

Davidlee has also texted to inform me that he just solo captured a Diablos. I am not sure what that means, but I feel that a demonic being is now in his possession and he will soon die while trying to domesticate it.

I am about to do something more civilized, and that is sit down, with a bowl of popcorn and some hot-chocolate, and watch some reality crime shows. The First 48 is my shit.

Also, keep an eye out for Comic 11 next month, as the title page – we call it the splash image – features an illustration by me! I really outdid myself.

Laters, motherfuckers!



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