From the Desk of Davidlee

No Country For Young Men has been the biggest hit so far here at Cody and David Studios. It kind of combined everything from the past comics into one: vulgarity, nudity, stupidity, and weirdness. Hell, it even had a few throwbacks to previous comics. It is still holding the number one spot amongst our comics. Feedback has been great as well.

No Country For Young Men also features one of the most fucked up scenes we have done so far. If you have read it, then you know the scene I am speaking of. The comic really does go from zero to a 100. I knew when I wrote the script for the comic that it would piss some people off, and it pissed one person off in particular. It pissed one person off so much that she sent me an email.

The subject of the email was how this person had been letting her son – aged fourteen – read our comics, and that how No Country For Young Men had gone too far, and even demanded in the email that we go back to our “more tamer” style. I’m not sure what is “tamer” here on our site. Was the comic in which David remarked about a girl stabbing him and then fucking the stab wound with a dildo more tame? Or how about the whole girl drying out a guy’s turd in the sun so that she could pleasure herself with it? That’s “tame” and family friendly, right? Joe’s swollen testicles? Cody in Persona form jacking off and spraying his semen everywhere? Talking about Robert Downey Jr. having a sixteen-inch dick?

I am pretty sure that all of that falls into the “Mature Audiences Only” category, which is also the only category Cody and David Studios currently deals with, and, as I stated in my reply, the only category we currently have plans to work in.

Cody and I do what we find humorous, and our humor is very vulgar and fucked up. We are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but we enjoy fucked up humor. You throw all of that fucked up shit into Cody and David, and it also being thrown into our future projects we have planned. We have been lucky enough to do what we want to do and find that people are enjoying it. I am even sure that some of our readers saw that particular scene and thought to themselves, “that’s going a bit far,” and that was the entire point of that scene. If we did the same thing that happened in No Country For Old Men, then it would not have been shocking and humorous.

The writer of the email then demanded that we remove the comic and return to are more tamer ways, so that she could continue to allow her son to read them. Of course, we are not going to do that. Let us alienate our current fanbase so that her son, who probably should not have been reading our comics in the first place, can continue to do so. If she is fine with her kid reading our comics, then that is fine. That is her call. But don’t come complaining to us if something you don’t want him to see comes popping up.

“We gotta get more fucked up!”

These are the words from our first meeting of 2018 that Cody shouted out, and we intend to do so. That doesn’t mean that every comic that we release is a tour de force of dicks swinging all over the place, blood everywhere, semen flying about, and man crippled with blue balls fucking every mouth he comes across. It does mean that we are staying true to ourselves. We don’t sit down with the intention of making something offensive; we sit down with the intention of making something funny. However, it is inevitable that some of the stuff we come up with will be found offensive by someone.

We have a warning on the homepage, and we put a second warning at the start of the comic she was complaining about, because we knew how offensive that one scene is, so we gave everyone fair warning. 

Reading through the comments we received on the comment has also been a blast. “You guys need Jesus,” was a personal favorite of mine. It made me chuckle. I was very happy with the reception the comic got. Our stats were on fire for two-days straight and I don’t think the majority of that was due to our own advertising, I feel a bit of it was from word of mouth. We put in over 80 hours of work on that comic. Some scenes got cut. Had to get cut, otherwise we would still be working on it. Only one I was sad to see get tossed was a scene parodying the coin flip, but it added nothing more than a reference to that scene.

It was also fun to start Volume 2 off with a comic that didn’t follow Cody and David – they were not even planned to appear in the comic. Joe wasn’t even originally planned to appear in it until further into the planning stages, making No Country For Young Men a sequel to The Life and Times of Joe: Part One. And no, there is not going to be a Joe Part Two. 

Tomorrow marks the beginning of work on Comic #10, and a new page of The Georgia Samurai will be up on Wednesday. May be posting some pencil tests up later in the week from the Cody and David cartoon. I am picky with pencil tests. Even if I love the look, I still hate them, but Roscoe may push me to share them.

Thanks to everyone for reading our comics! I hope they continue to provide you with entertainment.



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