The Process

Hello, one and all, it is I, your favorite writer of random words, Roscoe Duggan. I at least like to think that I am your favorite writer of random things. Everyone here at Cody and David Studios just picks on me all day, and it sometimes hurts my ego. But my ego has already been damaged many years ago, so it really only prickles at the scars.

Then Davidlee usually buys me a soda and I feel better and I forgive them all.

Since Davidlee is busy dying from whatever sickness he has, I figured I would make a post, hopefully an interesting one, on the comic creation process.

As anyone who reads the comics has noticed, we don’t do the whole comic strip thing. It just doesn’t work for the Cody and David comic style and what not. There is no stack of comics waiting to be unleashed upon the world that Cody and Davidlee have prepared and just wait to release. There is a strange and sometimes hectic process involved in getting the comics created and then posted up on this site, and I am about to walk you through that process.

Let us start by assuming that a comic has just been released. After the comic has been published, no work on a new one begins until a week – sometimes two – after said comic has been released. During these week/weeks, Davidlee spends his time working on the animation for the cartoon – in case you have forgotten, Cody and David is also a cartoon that is being produced, and all animation is being done by Davidlee. All of that animation is also being done in an old-school way. Pencil and paper. Coloring is done via computer as well as the actual animation process. It is a laborious process, but one that is getting close to being done.

If Davidlee doesn’t lose his sanity anytime soon.

After a week or two has passed, the idea for the comic begins to sprout.

The idea generally starts in Davidlee’s head. Depending on the subject matter, he will reach out to Cody and see what he thinks about it. Usually, this is followed by the two of them laughing and throwing out dialogue ideas to each other. Once an idea is in place, Davidlee will write the script, which usually takes about a day or two.

Audio of Davidlee telling someone about a comic idea.

Take Metal Gear Blues, for instance. Davidlee was away for a business trip, but knew that once he returned home he needed to start drawing a comic. He called Cody with a request, “we need a comic idea. I can’t think of anything with what all I got going on.”

Cody replied with, “alright, man, let me finish cooking lunch and I will get back to you.”

Later in the day Davidlee received a text message that read, “so Cody is trying to beat a mission on Phantom Pain, and he keeps failing. Failing over and over and he is getting pissed off and you show up and try it, and completely dominate it. Cody gets pissed and starts saying that he isn’t Big Boss, he is just a side character, and he tries to think of how he can still be awesome and shows, in Cody’s head, Cody standing there as Quiet, all hairy and shit in her skimpy clothes, trying to make the best of the situation, but David keeps kicking ass.”

Davidlee read that and smiled. He returned to his hotel room and wrote the script, and drew up a quick sketch of Cody as Quiet and sent it to him. Davidlee returned home and knocked out the drawings, scanned them, edited them, and published the comic.

Some comics start and end with Davidlee. Such as Rebellious SoulsDavidlee was glued to his PS4 playing Persona 5, loving every minute of it, and started talking about how if it were to happen to him and Cody, they would have really stupid and lame Personas. The process itself still remains the same. An idea, a script, drawing, editing, publishing.

Other comics are a bit more complicated, such as the trilogy that will be getting released later this year, one that Cody and Davidlee call, The Breakup Saga. These three comics involves both of them, through and through. And will be the first set of comics that will also see production of coinciding with the comics that come before it, and during animation-only weeks – which I guess will no longer be animation-only weeks.

It began its life in a bar in Georgia on January 1st, 2018.

They are also the first comics that will require weekly meetings, another first for Cody and David Studios.

Here is what the current schedule for Davidlee looks like:

Monday: Finish No Country For Young Men, draw page four of The Legend of the Georgia Samurai, four-hours animation time.

Tuesday: Scan and edit page four of The Legend of the Georgia Samurai. Scan No Country For Young Men and edit and publish.

Wednesday: Publish page four of LOGS.

Thursday: Animation. Meeting with Cody. Prepare notes.

Friday: Animation. Begin script one of The Breakup Saga.

Saturday: Animation. Work on script one of The Breakup Saga. 

Sunday: Script work.

Monday: Write script for What David Saw. Draw page five of LOGS.

Tuesday and Wednesday are both days spent drawing What David Saw.

Thursday: What David Saw. Meeting with Cody. Prep notes.

Friday: What David Saw. Script one of The Breakup Saga.

Just an idea of what Davidlee does during his time here at the office. He is kind of always drawing and writing, which is one reason why you don’t see many random posts by him on the site, something he feels guilty about.

“It’s all a lot of fun and keeps me laughing, though,” he says. “You can listen to the audio capture of mine and Cody’s meetings and you can see we are having a blast. A lot of laughing. They are the only meetings I have ever been a part of where someone has said to me, ‘that’s too much semen! Man, we got so much semen talk and shit that I feel like I have semen in my mouth right now!’ And that is really all I need to make me smile.”

He isn’t lying. Their meetings are a blast.

Sketch from the first meeting of 2018.

“It is really good that we have started to hold more meetings about the comics, and not just the scripts for the animation. It takes a lot to offend me, and Cody is a good voice of reason for when things get a little too fucked up.”

This crazy process and schedule is also one reason why The Legend of the Georgia Samurai was launched. It was an idea that Davidlee has had in his mind, one that survived from a pilot episode he wrote and animated for Adult Swim.

“I still have that pilot, and I cringe every time I watch it,” he says. He really fucking hates it. “I was like 18 and scared and nervous and it was my first time ever animating. It looks stiff. It looks like shit, but I am glad it happened. Cody and David would have never happened if I didn’t force myself to do that. I would still be scared and nervous to create shit, just older.”

Georgia Samurai was Davidlee’s answer to himself for the long periods of comics not being released. “With it we have something new going up every week, which helps ease my worries about people being like, ‘oh I like their shit, but stuff gets released so slow. I don’t have time for that.’ It is one of the many things I worry about. People thinking we just aren’t doing anything and giving up on us.”

Some of the comics are also a beast to produce. Rebellious Souls took so long to make because of the border along that takes place around the frames. No Country For Young Men is taking so long because it is a long one. A good one, but it is a long one and it has been taxing on Davidlee.

“We have to start Volume Two off strong and hard,” Davidlee said to Cody, in which Cody replied with, “fuck yeah. We gotta get more fucked up, too. More fucked up means more laughs.”

2018 is gonna be a busy year here at Cody and David Studios. There is also The YouTuber project that wasn’t even included in Davidlee’s weekly schedule that he is also working on, and that has an even more intense schedule of writing and filming involved to it.

From myself, Cody, and Davidlee, we just want to thank those of you that have been reading are comics, and we hope you have been enjoying them.

I am gonna go throw a can of chicken noodle soup through Davidlee’s window now. I want to make sure he has nutrition, but I ain’t getting near his sick ass.

Thanks again.

~Roscoe Duggan

NOTE FROM DAVIDLEE: Roscoe has done an excellent job kind of explaining our insane production ways of the comics. Hectic at times, yes, but a very enjoyable hectic time. The meetings are truly what makes it all worth it, and it is true, Cody and David would not work as a “updated weekly” or “strip”. Hell, I suck at the whole “comic strip” thing, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Also, I feel a bit better and am no longer afraid that death is waiting for me around the corner.


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