WARNING: This comic contains some offensive scenes, even by Cody and David standards! Viewer discretion is advised.

Comic 8_0000_IMG_0312.jpgComic 8_0001_IMG_0313.jpgComic 8_0002_IMG_0314.jpgComic 9 titleComic 8_0000_IMG_0315.jpgComic 8_0001_IMG_0316.jpgComic 8_0002_IMG_0317.jpgComic 8_0003_IMG_0318.jpgComic 8_0004_IMG_0319.jpgComic 8_0005_IMG_0320.jpgComic 8_0006_IMG_0321.jpgComic 8_0007_IMG_0322.jpgComic 8_0008_IMG_0323.jpgComic 8_0009_IMG_0324.jpgComic 8_0010_IMG_0325.jpgComic 8_0011_IMG_0326.jpgComic 8_0012_BackgroundComic 8_0013_IMG_0328.jpgComic 8_0014_IMG_0329.jpgComic 8_0015_IMG_0330.jpgComic 8_0016_IMG_0331.jpgComic 8_0017_IMG_0332.jpgComic 8_0018_IMG_0333.jpgComic 8_0019_IMG_0334.jpgComic 8_0020_IMG_0335.jpgComic 8_0021_IMG_0336.jpgComic 8_0022_IMG_0337.jpgComic 8_0023_IMG_0338.jpgComic 8_0024_IMG_0339.jpgComic 8_0025_IMG_0340.jpgComic 8_0026_IMG_0341.jpgComic 8_0027_IMG_0342.jpgComic 8_0028_IMG_0343.jpgComic 8_0029_IMG_0344.jpgComic 8_0030_IMG_0345.jpgComic 8_0031_IMG_0346.jpgComic 8_0032_IMG_0347.jpgComic 8_0033_IMG_0348.jpg


Published by Davidlee

Co-Founder of Cody and David Studios.

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    1. This is the first comic I have drawn that I face palmed and sighed, thinking to myself, “not only did I think of that, but I drew it as well.” You know the scene I am probably talking about.


  1. So this is the comic that I lost my Cody and David “Virginity” on, and… holy shit what a helluva way to lose my virginity. Wow. I mean damn. Literally, damn.

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  2. Wow. Really? I cant believe you assholes would have the audacity to fucking show a man tasting some pee. Fucked up. I am completely offended.

    Liked by 1 person

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