Well, I have been trying to avoid it, but it got me. I am sick. I hate life right now and I am cold and hot at the same time and I may have fever.

I blame the fucking snow.

Fuck. This. Shit.

That’s better than the two-fucking-feet of the shit we got a few weeks ago.

Roscoe came over earlier to start scanning the pages of No Country For Young Men so that when I recover – hopefully soon – I can just go straight into editing and what not.

If the update for The Legend of the Georgia Samurai is late this week, then I apologize, and it’s lateness will be due to the fact that I was gripping my toilet while vomiting, and then shivering myself to sleep, holding back tears as I slowly curse life.

I don’t remember drawing this picture. It may have been during a strange fever dream or some shit.

Who knows.

I call him, B-Dug the Warrior.

I’m gonna go take some medicine and cry.


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