The new year is here and the studio is slowly coming back to life. It has been a slow start thinks to a foot-and-a-half of snow covering everything. I don’t really mind all the snow, but that wind can fuck right off.

Even with this pain in the ass of a winter wonderland, we have been getting some things up and running, managed to launch the new comic – The Legend of the Georgia Samurai – and script revision on The YouTuber also got underway.

I think Roscoe Duggan froze to death and died, as he lost power in the blizzard and I have not heard from him in some time.

He will not be missed.

While the snow refuses to melt and I casually ponder if my site manager is actually dead, I work away here in the cold, cold office writing the Volume 2 scripts, as well as beginning work on the first one that will be launching. It is called No Country For Young Men. A parody and a homage of sorts that follows, very loosely, the movie and book. Those familiar with the writing style of Cormac McCarthy should know that he doesn’t really use much punctuation. I thought about the possibility of not using speech bubbles for dialogue to kind of mirror McCarthy’s absence of quotation marks, but that got tossed out the window. Some scenes would have just looked like jumbled mess. I did do away with shit like apostrophes in the dialogue, and those that have never read the wonderful work of Cormac McCarthy will probably just think that I am an idiot – they are also missing out on some of the best literature one can read.

A few surprises and nods form past comics will be lying in wait for return readers as well.

2018 is gonna be a good year. I am excited about all of the projects we have lined up, and I can not wait to unleash them upon the world for everyone’s – hopefully – enjoyment.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, go check out The Legend of the Georgia Samurainew pages are added every Wednesday at noon. It’s set in the Cody and David Universe, and while it will still retain some of the Cody and David vulgarity and humor, it’s a bit darker of a tale.

If you got caught up in all this snow, stay warm out there. If you missed it, I am very, very jealous of you.



EDIT: I am not dead. ~Roscoe Duggan


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