Comic 8_0001_IMG_0146.jpgComic 8_0002_IMG_0147.jpgComic 8_0003_IMG_0148.jpgCorrected 2Corrected pageComic 8_0006_IMG_0151.jpgComic 8_0007_IMG_0152.jpgComic 8_0008_IMG_0153.jpgComic 8_0009_IMG_0154.jpgComic 8_0010_IMG_0155.jpgComic 8_0011_IMG_0156.jpgComic 8_0012_IMG_0157.jpgComic 8_0013_IMG_0158.jpgComic 8_0014_IMG_0159.jpgComic 8_0015_IMG_0160.jpgComic 8_0016_IMG_0161.jpgComic 8_0017_IMG_0162.jpgComic 8_0018_IMG_0163.jpgComic 8_0019_IMG_0164.jpgComic 8 Final Page

Published by Davidlee

Co-Founder of Cody and David Studios.

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