So this is my last post on the site for 2018, and probably one of the last times you hear from me this year. That’s not too sad seeing as how next year is right around the corner.

Seeing as how I just got back into town, I’m not leaving for the holidays, but I am gonna enjoy the operations shutdown the office will be undergoing. Maybe do some behind the scenes work. Ignore the emails I will be getting from Davidlee – we all know he will still be doing some form of work on all of this while he is away.

I’ll stay busy is what I’m saying, bitches.

Volume One comic finale is in the computer editing stages of its life, and will be scheduled to go live here soon, and I must say, it’s my favorite one we did this year. It has the stupid Cody and David feel to it, and goes back to the one thing the past couple of comics veered away from: Cody and David and their absurdity in the spotlight.

Maybe I am crazy but it also has a “sweet” feel to it that warmed my little heart. Gonna be a great way to end the year, and the script for the first comic of Volume Two has been started, and I blushed a little. When Cody and Davidlee decided that volume two has to come out harder and stay harder, Davidlee decided to deliver on that.

“Do you think this is too much?”

I nodded my head to him after reading the opening of the comic, damn near at a loss for words.

He smiled at my reaction and simply said, “good.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised at the turn things took, but I wasn’t expecting it. I chuckled, even though I felt that I probably shouldn’t have been laughing about it, because, and I mean this, it’s fucked up. It’s real fucked up. Like going from 0 to a hundred in a millisecond fucked up.

Which is the only way we should start off the next round of comics.

You all have a good one.

~Roscoe Duggan


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