From the Desk of Davidlee – 12/9/17

Well we just spent about an hour here at Cody and David Studios getting a platinum trophy in My Name Is Mayo. That was a strangely enjoyable waste of time, with the final click-count for that coveted 10,000 taps being an overly dramatic moment. Stupid and pointless? Absolutely. Fucking needed break? Damn straight it was.

As Roscoe said in the past post we are gearing up for a shut-down for the Holidays, so production has been cranked up to “we don’t need to sleep” levels. Last two comics for the year have been written, and the first one to be launched is half-way illustrated. Once it is completed and uploaded onto this here website then, with no pause in between, begin drawing up the 2017 Comic Finale. That one will be released on January 1st, 2018 at midnight. Pretty excited about it, as it is shaping up to be my favorite comic we have done so far. I also feel it is a good ending for the Volume One run of comics.

I am also ready for the holidays to go on and get here. We are all in need of a fucking recharge. It will be a short breather, but one we all need before the production schedule of 2018 begins. As usual we will continue on with the Cody and David Comics, as well as the animation schedule for the constantly delayed Cody and David cartoon, but we will also be adding a few more things into the schedule. First new addition is going to be a limited-series called The YouTuber, which is a dark comedy that will have viewers asking themselves, “should I laugh at that?”

We have also talked/flirted about/with the idea of doing another comic series, one that has nothing to do with the Cody and David one. But, I don’t think that one is going to be getting the green light just yet. Maybe once our team grows a bit more. Staying on top of animation, and the comics we have now is damn near killing me.

One more thing on The YouTuber. We are working on a section of the site just for that series. Look for it early January, unless Roscoe manages to get it all uploaded before the year’s end.

That’s about it. All I can think of for the moment. I will probably do another of these stupid fucking posts again before we all pack-up and leave.




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