Update: 12/07/17

I was gone and now I am back, and soon I will be gone again. We all will, actually, but for a short time. Cody and David Studios is going to be shutting down on the 24th of December for the Holidays, so we can all spend time with the family without having to worry about drawing silly little cartoons. Davidlee says he is actually gonna take a breather from it all, but we all know once he returns in 2018 that probably more than half of the scripts for the comics will be written.

The most recent comic we released – The Life and Times of Joe: Part One – is up and live, and is probably the strangest one we have released so far. Well, except for maybe this one. The last two comics that will be dropping this year have been written and are now entering the rough-drawing-phase, which I think looks cooler when written with the hyphens, and that will wrap up what we consider to be Volume One.

The tentative list of Volume Two comics. More coming soon.

It has been a slow start around here, but it has been a good one. 2017 was just the beginning, getting everything in place with a bajillion of set backs and delays, and overworking of Davidlee as he thrusted himself headfirst into being a one-man production machine. I talk a lot of shit about him on here, but he puts his work in. He writes, draws, animates, sits up at night having panic attacks about it all, and everything else you can think of, while also working a full-time job.

He’s a robot. Or an idiot. Or both.

Next year will also mark a change in the website. Nothing too drastic, but to a way that shows off more of the work Cody and David Studios is going to producing. Yes, it is named after the comic and the cartoon that is in the works, but it is also a platform for Cody and Davidlee to create more than just Cody and David and the first three-scripts for a mini-series has already been written, with filming planning to start late January. A press release will be done up on that sometime soon. And by sometime soon, I mean you can look for it later this month, or early next year. Depending on when Davidlee gets around to making it and feels the time is right to release it.

We all viewed 2017 as a big year for Cody and David Studios – a small one, yes, but still a milestone that took us longer than it should have to pass.

I’m sure I will make another post before we all leave for the holidays, but if I don’t, I just want to thank all of you for reading, and giving a damn about what we are doing. We will be returning in 2018, recharged, more obscene, and (hopefully) knocking it out of the park.

~Roscoe Duggan

P.S. – There isn’t going to be a Part Two to the Life and Times of Joe. Davidlee just thought it was a silly title and liked it for some fucking reason.


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