Comic #6 – The Life and Times of Joe – Part One

I have a friend. A friend that is very unique in many, many ways. I have been through a few scenarios with him that were almost like slipping into the Twilight Zone. I witnessed him nearly be arrested for touching a tree – in no inappropriate fashion. Once, at an Arby’s, his order was wrong. His chicken sandwich was grilled and he clearly wanted fried, so he threw it onto the ground of the Arby’s parking lot, climbed into my truck and pouted for about five-minutes before stepping back out and picking up the sandwich. He looked at me and our other friend and yelled, “I want it anyway,” and then took the bun to slather up some of the mayonnaise that had gotten on the ground.

Now, many years later, he generally calls me from his new place of living – Texas – to request some odd thing of me. “Buy me Farming Simulator 17!” Is one request that comes to mind, and that is indeed a real game series. I understand Harvest Moon and I absolutely love me some Stardew Valley, but that is one I just don’t get.

Most recently I received a message from him, through PSN, that I needed to buy him a desktop computer. When I asked why, he replied with, “because.”

I didn’t buy him that computer, nor do I plan to do so.

I did, however, get an idea for a two-part comic on Joe, especially seeing as how he is a prominent character that will be appearing in Season One. May as well get that debut out of the way.

Comic 6_0000_IMG_0092.jpgComic 6_0001_IMG_0093.jpgComic 6_0002_IMG_0094.jpgComic 6_0003_IMG_0095.jpgComic 6_0004_IMG_0096.jpgComic 6_0005_IMG_0097.jpgComic 6_0006_IMG_0098.jpgComic 6_0007_IMG_0099.jpgComic 6_0008_IMG_0100.jpgComic 6_0009_IMG_0101.jpgComic 6_0010_IMG_0102.jpgComic 6_0011_IMG_0103.jpgComic 6_0012_IMG_0104.jpg


Joe will return in Comic #7 The Life and Times of Joe: Part Two


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