From the Desk of Davidlee

We are still alive and kicking. Promise.

Been a busy past couple of weeks since the Halloween comic went live. Roscoe Duggan – our lovely and annoying site manager person – had to go out of state due to family reasons, but should be making his return here shortly.

I am currently drawing up the next comic, but it has been a slow process due to work. This is a busy time of year for me, what with my whole food service job. Just gotta make sure about 500 Thanksgiving dinners are cooked up for 500 families to enjoy on this upcoming Thursday.

Pretty much how I feel this time of year.

Because of this extra workload, I have put the next comic on the back burner for my free-time, and the final edits on the cartoon up to the front. I can knock out a comic a lot quicker than I can catch up on missed time animating. That being said, it probably won’t be until after Thanksgiving that the Comic #6 goes live, and we will push out two more comics before the year’s end, and will probably take January off from comics, as the Pilot is set to launch in January and a majority of focus will be shifted to finalizing the rest of Season One.

Sorry for what seemed like we dropped off of the face of the Earth.

Things will be resuming as normal here soon.


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