Comic #5 – Halloween


This comic was a BITCH. It is the longest comic we have currently pushed out, and, in all honesty, we didn’t really give ourselves the time needed to work on it without freaking out and having a few late nights. Shit happens. It’s finished now, in a rough state, and our growlers of Rumking are sadly empty. It was going to be fully colored, but with everything else going on, and underestimating the beast of a labour endeavor the comic would turn out to be, the full vision did not happen.

It saddens me. 

Comic 5_0000_IMG_1337.jpgComic 5_0001_IMG_1338.jpgComic 5_0002_IMG_1339.jpgComic 5_0003_IMG_1340.jpgComic 5_0004_IMG_1341.jpgComic 5_0005_IMG_1342.jpgComic 5_0006_IMG_1343.jpgComic 5_0007_IMG_1344.jpgComic 5_0008_IMG_1345Comic 5_0009_IMG_1346Comic 5_0010_IMG_137Comic 5_0011_IMG_1350.jpgComic 5_0012_IMG_1351.jpgComic 5_0013_IMG_1352.jpgComic 5_0014_IMG_1353.jpgComic 5_0015_IMG_1361.jpgComic 5_0016_IMG_1361 copy 3Comic 5_0017_IMG_1361 copy 2Comic 5_0018_IMG_1361 copyComic 5_0019_IMG_1361Comic 5_0020_IMG_1361 copy 4Comic 5_0021_IMG_1364.jpg copyComic 5_0022_IMG_1365.jpgComic 5_0023_IMG_1366.jpgComic 5_0024_IMG_1367.jpgComic 5_0025_IMG_1368.jpgComic 5_0026_IMG_1373.jpgComic 5_0027_IMG_1374.jpgComic 5_0028_IMG_1375.jpgComic 5_0029_IMG_1376.jpgComic 5_0030_IMG_1379Comic 5_0031_IMG_1380.jpgComic 5_0032_IMG_1381.jpgComic 5_0033_IMG_1382.jpgComic 5_0034_IMG_1383.jpgComic 5_0035_IMG_1384.jpgComic 5_0036_IMG_1385.jpgComic 5_0037_IMG_1386.jpgComic 5_0038_IMG_1387.jpgComic 5_0039_IMG_1388.jpgComic 5_0040_IMG_1389.jpgComic 5_0041_IMG_1390.jpgComic 5_0042_IMG_1391.jpgComic 5_0043_IMG_1392.jpgComic 5_0044_IMG_1393.jpgComic 5_0045_IMG_1394.jpgComic 5_0046_IMG_1395.jpg






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