From the Desk of Davidlee

Greetings and salutations. It is I, your captain of this vessel we call a “website” and I have just returned from an expedition. A grand expedition that nearly cost me my life as this beast – seen below after being calmed – tried to maul me to death upon my entry into the domain of the one we call, Davidlee.


I was just doing a routine check on the bastard, about ready to post an update on this here site – a character profile on the real life inspiration for the character of Welton, whom made his debut in the last comic. While over for my visit I saw something upon Davidlee’s desk. Something out of place amongst all of the frames and background images for Season One. That item was a comic. There is currently no comic in production – save for a nearly completed script – due to the fact that the next one isn’t schedule to go live until Halloween.

I grabbed it and asked him about it and he he informed me. It was going to be a “Bonus Comic” of sorts that he actually drew up late last night. A more of a fancy rant than anything. For those that don’t know, McDonald’s brought back the Szechuan sauce yesterday, and yesterday only, which Davidlee feels was a way to do nothing more than “exploit Rick and Morty fans into spending money at McDonald’s.”

I agree. It was not, in anyway what so ever, connected to Rick and Morty, but McDonald’s sure as shit tried their best to stir-up those vibes with the artwork featured on the sauce packets. Cashing in on a one-off joke – albeit one that Davidlee loved – seen in the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 3.

“They did the same fucking thing Nintendo did with the NES and SNES Classics. Made them out to be a rare and limited thing for the true fans, and they are nothing that should be rare and limited, and the true fans are the ones getting fucked. McDonald’s could have produced enough of that fucking sauce for the rest of the year, and then every Rick and Morty fan could have experienced the sauce.”

And just like he said about true fans getting fucked, that turned out to be true. Szechuan sauce is already selling on Ebay, and, like with the NES and SNES Classics, McDonald’s dropped the ball on the whole supply thing.

Oh and Davidlee isn’t butt-hurt because he waited in line for hours yesterday to only not get any Szechuan Sauce, though he was amazed to see the McDonald’s looking like an Apple Store during an iPhone launch when he drove by yesterday. He’s just tired of this sudden oh-this-is-super-rare-and-limited bullshit that is happening with things that, well, shouldn’t be super-rare-and-limited. Especially not a fucking fast food dipping sauce.

“I used to eat the shit back in the day when I was like nine. It isn’t worth all of that shit. It isn’t worth standing in line for hours. Driving for hours to get to a McDonald’s that was supposed to have it. And it sure as shit isn’t worth spending a fucking grand for it on Ebay. McDonald’s exploited the fans of Rick and Morty. All of that energy could have been put forth by going to buy shit actually tied to Rick and Morty, and actually supporting Rick and Morty. Instead of doing that, everyone just had their time wasted by a fast-food chain over some stupid fucking sauce.

This “Bonus Comic” wasn’t planned to see the light of day, hell, it isn’t even finished. I did convince Davidlee to let me go on and throw it on the site, though. Because, why the hell not? This will be in the top-spot here for a few hours, then the character spotlight on Welton shall dethrone it.


Until next time!

~Roscoe Duggan


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