Comic #4 – Homewrecker

Nudity and stuff in this one. Not really a surprise, though. This one is kind of based on a true story.

Gonna be a decent sized gap in between this comic and the next, for a few reasons. One being that I need to put more focus into animation work for season one. Another reason being that the next comic is also going to be a rather long one – by our standards, at least – it also will be our Halloween special. Bet you can’t guess what day we will be releasing it on.

I’ll be leaving a lot of posting until then to Roscoe Duggan, to hopefully keep things entertaining up in this shit. As well as keep updates rolling in, which is something we are going to become more strict about posting, which also helps that we are at a point now where my “website guy” – Roscoe’s official title – can focus on the website.

I have rambled enough.





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