Comic #3 – “Labels”

The cast of Cody and David is mostly comprised of cartoon versions of people Cody and I know. Season one’s cast of main characters are all based off of our actual in-life friends, because, well, the people Cody and I know are all strange and lovely in their own ways, and, much like Cody and myself, fit just as much in the “Cody and David” Universe as they do in reality and mine and Cody’s lives. Plus, they were gonna provide voice overs for us anyway, so why not just put them in the show? 

This also means that not everyone we know will be able to receive this same treatment – at least not for a while. On the show side of things, that is. When the comics are brought into the picture, that ultimately changes everything.

The idea for this comic struck me one day while conversing with my friend Jared, and I immediately sought his approval to this comic. He said yes. Jared and I have quite an interesting history, one that only spans that of a year, but still an interesting one at that. The best way to describe our interactions is with the word “random”. All the way from us passing each other and merely changing song lyrics to feature each others names – “come a little closer, Davidlee,” he often serenades me with – to straight up getting drunk and lost in D.C.. Stumbling in to the China Town of D.C. at three in the morning after a few drinks is fucking shocking.

So the only way I felt I could do this comic was to just let it happen. No script. As I drew, the story was created, for better or worse, and the outcome is a strange, random story that perfectly embodies an encounter between Jared and myself.

I now present to you all, “Labels”. A strange entry into the Cody and David comic collection, and a rather fun experiment that I will not be doing again. Having a script written out first is much, much better for my mental wellbeing.

Comic 3_0000_Comic 3 - p1.jpgComic 3_0001_Comic 3 - p2.jpgComic 3_0002_Comic 3 - p3.jpgComic 3_0003_Comic 3 - p4.jpgComic 3_0004_Comic 3 - p5.jpgComic 3_0005_Comic 3 - p6.jpgComic 3_0006_Comic 3 - p7.jpgComic 3_0007_Comic 3 - p8.jpgComic 3_0008_Comic 3 - p9.jpgComic 3_0009_Comic 3 - p10.jpgComic 3_0010_Comic 3 - p11.jpgComic 3_0011_Comic 3 - p12.jpgComic 3_0012_Comic 3 - p13.jpg


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