New Comic Coming Soon!

What up, cool kids?

That’s cool.

Just got an email, one of them there electronic messages, from Davidlee informing me that the next comic, titled “Labels”, is currently being scanned and should be live by the end of tomorrow. That same electronic message also informed me that the script for the one that will be following this next one, has already been written.

I guess that is cool.

Davidlee also got accepted into the closed beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ, which he is about to wreck his thumbs with. Fucking nerd. Thankfully it is only going to be up and running for a rather short time, otherwise no work would be getting done, especially since we are so close to having the pilot episode being done and finished with. I say “we” like I actually work on all of that stuff, which I don’t. I just write shit on this here website and feel good about myself.

Davidlee also instructed me that he has been fighting insomnia, something that sounds cooler than it actually is. He does this from time to time and I just tell him to stop being a dumb bitch and he eventually listens to me and stops being a dumb bitch. He did draw a little Tex Avery inspired doodle the other night at, oh, I don’t know, three or four in the fucking morning. He doesn’t know I jacked a copy of the colored digital of it. Still not complete, but I wanted to share it. Why? Fuck him, that’s why.Big booty short hair

He wants to draw up another Red for the picture. “Once I started drawing her in the picture, I was way past hating myself and on the verge of tears for some sleep. I should have saved drawing her for a later time.”

He’s been drawing a lot of Tex Avery style doodles as of late. I think he has a brain tumor.

Oh, he has also been confessing his love for a game called CupheadA game he has yet to even play, which is killing him, and is impatiently awaiting its release within like a week.

Fucking nerd.

~Roscoe Duggan

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