I’m Back

I was gone. Now I am back. I had some soul searching to do, I guess you could say. Or, in lamer terms, I was on vacation. Now I am no longer on vacation, and am now back to deal with the eccentricities of the one known as Davidlee in full force again.


He is in full swing as of now, though. No more traveling about with work and his schedule has somewhat normalized, that energy to sit at a desk and draw fucked up cartoons all day has kicked back in.

Upon my return I swung by to check on him, make sure the “No Dip” things was still going strong and as I approached the door to his studio, I heard Tom Waits blasting. I smiled. That’s a good thing. A real good thing. I opened the door and was greeted by his two dogs and looked to my left – where his desk is located – and my eyes met his. Looking up from his work, the very picture I posted above, he looked at me, no smile, and said, “about fucking time.” And, as if I wasn’t even there, lowered his head and continued to draw.

As I am grabbing a beer, he asks of me, “you got some time?”

I nodded. I hadn’t dealt with him in some time and strongly felt that I needed something to write about, as I have not posted on the site in a period of time I do not wish to discover. He pulled up some videos: a rough cut of the pilot episode, and an hour-long video of him practicing his lines for all of the season one episodes. 

I watched the rough-cut, of course, because we have all been waiting for it around here, and by ‘all’ I mean Davidlee, Cody, and myself. The voice-over test I took home with me. That was for another time, like maybe while I sipped on my coffee in the morning. But, I soon found, that what had to have been during the time of my walking from the studio to my car, I received an email from Davidlee. It was the other hour-long voice over test reel that he wanted me to watch and forgot to mention. The original cut. All it said was, “watch first.”

Cody-NakeyA gif from the pilot’s rough cut.

So, that next morning, over a cup of coffee and some lovely, lovely cereal, I watched the videos. The first one, not bad, but forced feeling. All because of one major problem in which Davidlee acknowledges in it multiple times as he bitches and talks to himself. That problem is that he is trying to play himself, not an animated caricature of himself.

The second video started. I looked at a defeated, borderline drunk, probably wishing his mouth was full of dip, Davidlee. He spoke to the camera for a few minutes, as if it were a vlog or some shit, and then he began. Somewhere in between the two videos Davidlee focused all the anger and hatred towards his voice from the first run into something, and the character of David was born. Right before my eyes. He started the lines and it was like watching someone become another person.

I sent some emails and shit and then prepared myself to write this post. I called Davidlee, the second voice over reel still on my mind. He answered and I said to him, “about fucking time,” and not even caring as to what I was talking about,  he asks, “you ever watch Mike Tyson Mysteries? That shit is stupid. I like it.”

It’s good to be back.

~Roscoe Duggan

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