Rebellious Souls – Part 1

Okay. Our second comic and the last video game inspired one, at least for a while. We don’t want to become a Penny Arcade rip-off – and yes, we do love the shit out of their work.

This one is one that I just had to make. Persona 5 has been released to us all and it is one of the best games I have ever played. Ever. I have always been a fan of the series, but this one grabbed ahold of me and made me its bitch, and has yet to let me free from its grasps. No game in my adult life has forced me to sit down and play it until I can literally not play it any longer due to exhaustion. Fucking sleep.

I’ve always joked that if a scenario from the Persona games ever happened to me, i would probably get stuck with a very weird, lame, and disappointing Persona to have at my disposal.

This comic is based off of that thinking, but in the Cody and David universe, where things can get even weirder.

Unfortunately for all involved, I am a slow animator and drawer all around. I suck. I know. So instead of releasing this comic in its full glory in one go, I am, please don’t hate me, releasing it in two parts. This is part one, and I hope that you do enjoy.

Comic 2 Part 1_0000_Comic 2 part 1 - p1.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0001_Comic 2 part 1 - p2.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0002_Comic 2 part 1 - p3.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0003_Comic 2 part 1 - p4.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0004_Comic 2 part 1 - p5.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0005_Comic 2 part 1 - p6.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0006_Comic 2 part 1 - p7.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0007_Comic 2 part 1 - p8.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0008_Comic 2 part 1 - p9.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0009_Comic 2 part 1 - p10.jpg

Comic 2 Part 1_0010_Comic 2 part 1 - p11.jpg

I am drawing part two now. I am shooting to release it within a week or so.


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