Update and stuff

Okay, so that other comic finally got posted after what took Davidlee an eternity to create. Fucking asshole. Oh and the next one has been written and in the drawing process. Oh and we actually have animated – albeit with horrible test audio – footage of the pilot episode. Davidlee also went down to Georgia and got to go over the show with Cody. He also paid his last respects to Gregg Allman – he will be missed – while he was back home.

Oh and now the asshole is flying to Kentucky. Probably getting tipsy at the airport now. He looks for beer signs. Chances are if you see a beer logo hanging anywhere you can get some form of alcohol at said place, and god knows he needs some to take his edge off for the take off. Something about taking off in airplane causes his dick to fall off.

So I find myself looking at his desk, somehow a neat mess organized in a way that is only organized to him, and I see the progress. He has accomplished a lot. I also just got a text from him about his plane being a smaller one, like where you walk onto the runway and up the airplane’s stairs small. He seems excited. He is either flown in gigantic planes or a personal plane that held him and one other person. He said that all he needed was an open bottle of Jack Daniels and he would have felt like Keith Richards.

He’s an idiot.

I apologize, I got off track. I never turn down a moment to talk shit about our lovely Davidlee. I love him in a way that makes me want to smash his head open with a fucking hammer. I tell him this, which he replies with, “maybe, like, I don’t know, don’t do that? Is that love? I don’t think that is love. That can’t be love.”

It’s a different kind of love.

I already know that if I hit him with the question of releasing a short clip from the pilot on this here website, I will be greeted with a hardcore, “absolutely not.” He won’t do it. So I will, instead, try and get him to release an animated gif or some shit. Just so everyone can see it in action. So his hard work can – hopefully – be admired and appreciated.

There is a wasp flying around his ranch abode. It scares me. I don’t want to get stung. It would probably hurt. It’s probably his new pet, or some stupid shit.

There is an insane collection of pens on Davidlee’s desk, all crammed in mason jars. Well, except for two. One for writing checks and other things, the other is for his drawings. What are all of the other ones for? Fuck if I know. I sat here and tried to figure it out. He only uses two kinds of pens and when one dies he gets another one just like it – I imagine he has a stockade of them under his mattress.

He also this thing sitting on his desk…

FrogIt only disturbs me in the fact that is more endowed than I am.

Among his desk I have found concepts for future comics, which is neat as not even I know what is planned for them and I have already had the pleasure to read through the scripts for season one and two of the show – have I mentioned he plans ahead? They seem humorous. Some of them more personal to him, I can tell from the subject matter, as well as the whole “knowing him” thing as well. I think it is a good thing. Some ideas he needs to utilize and really just bleed out onto the pages. Get some shit off his chest, as well as add a new depth to his “character” in the animated universe of Cody and David. 

Some of the concepts come from subjects he rants about when we drink together. He will get on one, get real southern sounding, and just get it off his chest in a whirlwind of swearing, humor, and light-hearted-anger/irritation. Some of the subjects just being about something that confused him, or made him go, “what in the hell?”

Once I post this article I am only positive that my phone will ding at me, and it will be a message from him saying, “don’t fuck with my desk.” To which I will reply with, “don’t worry.”

But, Davidlee, I am totally gonna fuck with your desk.

Show progress: 45%, due to him and Cody deciding to completely redo the voice overs. We aren’t gonna make promises of a release window anymore. When it is ready, it is ready. Hopefully the comics will spark interest and keep people checking. With a two-man creative team, and a one-man animation team, things go a bit slow. I could help, but fuck that shit.

I also don’t know how to do any of that shit, and am much better at wasting my time by typing up shit like this in hopes of wasting all of your time.

The next comic, #2, is about to go into the final editing stages. You know, uploaded to the computer and stuff and made to look all pretty – or as pretty as a Cody and David comic can look.

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