Metal Gear Blues

Cody and I are huge nerds. Like, hardcore huge nerds on a galactic scale. I think our first source of masturbation material was Marvel Comics, and Tinker Bell – whom was my first crush way back when. I am only assuming Cody thought she was hot as well. It was only inevitable that a few comics we came up with would pertain to video games in some form or fashion, but we did not intend for the first two to be video game inspired – the second one being written now. This one here, as you can probably guess by the name, takes inspiration from our love of Metal Gear.  Mainly The Phantom Pain.

I remember a few nights visiting with Cody and Jamie where Cody and I would slip away so he could show me how far he had gotten in the game. Sometimes seek guidance on how to go about finishing a mission. I had already completed the game and was on my journey of collecting ‘S’ ranks and getting all of the cool shit, while also coping with the fact that I felt like I didn’t get the full intended experience the game was supposed to deliver. No matter how much I love it, it feels unfinished at the end and was sadly a horrible ending for the series – especially seeing where Konami is now taking the series.

While away on a business trip, I called Cody and simply said, “we need a comic idea.” He told me to give him a few hours and he would hit me up later. He called me back with an idea and we ran with it. The following is what it resulted in.

We hope you enjoy.

Comic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0000_Comic 1 - p1.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0001_Comic 1 - p2.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0002_Comic 1 - p3.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0003_Comic 1 - p4.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0004_Comic 1 - p5.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0005_Comic 1 - p6.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0006_Comic 1 - p7.jpgpage 8 finalComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0007_Comic 1 - p9.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0008_Comic 1 - p10.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0009_Comic 1 - p11.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0010_Comic 1 - p12.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0011_Comic 1 - p13.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0012_Comic 1 - p14.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0013_Comic 1 - p15.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0014_Comic 1 - p16.jpgComic 1 Metal Gear Blues_0015_Comic 1 - p17.jpg



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